‘AirPods Pro 2 keep the same design, case gets speakers’

Will the AirPods Pro 2 have a design that is very similar to their predecessors? A new rumor claims so. Striking: the case may have built-in speakers.

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‘Design AirPods Pro 2 does not change’

Anyone who hopes that the AirPods Pro 2 will have a revolutionary design may be disappointed. MacRumors shares photos that would show the new premium earbuds. At first glance, little seems to have changed. They have the same stem as the current AirPods Pro. However, the optical sensor on the bottom of the earbuds is missing. It has been replaced by a smaller sensor that detects skin to determine when the AirPods are being worn.

It is also striking that the case in the photos contains speakers. They are not intended to play music, but to give a signal. From iOS 16, it would be possible to search for the AirPods and the case separately via the Find My app.

Earlier rumors indicated that the AirPods Pro 2 would get a completely new design. Take the above photos and information with a grain of salt. They come from an unknown source. However, the regular AirPods 2 also looked very similar to the first AirPods. So it is not impossible that Apple reuses the design of the Pros.

More about Apple’s AirPods

Apple is likely to announce the AirPods Pro 2 sometime in 2022. They are rumored to be getting some innovative health features. For example, the earplugs could measure your heart rate. Motion sensors may also be added.

For now, the AirPods 3 are still in the spotlight. Apple launched these cheaper earbuds during the October event of 2021. In terms of design, the normal AirPods are now quite similar to the Pros. The only major difference is that the latter have silicone ear cushions. They close the ear and also enable active noise cancellation. This allows you to filter out ambient noise.

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