AirPods Max users complain about condensation in ear cups

Some AirPods Max users complain about condensation in the ear cups. That could be bad news for the lifespan of Apple’s very expensive headphones.

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‘Condensation in AirPods Max causes problems’

Several owners of Apple’s new AirPods Max are experiencing problems with the headphones. With prolonged use, condensation appears to form in the ear cups. In some cases, the moisture that is released drips through the speaker holes and ends up in the drivers.

This may have to do with the material. Most headphones are made of plastic, but Apple opted for aluminum. This gives the AirPods Max a more luxurious look and ensures that the outside remains a lot cooler. However, if the ear cups get warm, the temperature difference can cause condensation.

Bad news for the lifetime

It is not yet clear exactly in what circumstances the problems arise. If you wear the AirPods Max while exercising or in a very cold environment, condensation could still be explained. However, most users don’t seem to be doing anything crazy with the headphones. The moisture also arises when they are just sitting at their desk.

The condensation could be bad news for the life of the AirPods Max. If moisture seeps into the device regularly, this will eventually lead to malfunctions. At least one user writes that his copy no longer responds automatically when he puts it on his head.

If you pay 629 euros for headphones, you are of course not waiting for such problems. Apple has not yet responded to the messages.

The AirPods Max in a nutshell

Apple officially announced the AirPods Max on December 8, 2020. They are the company’s first over-ear headphones. It should offer the same wearing comfort as the normal AirPods and AirPods Pro, but with a much better sound quality. In addition, the headphones have advanced functions such as an Adaptive EQ. This audio mode analyzes how you wear the AirPods Max and adjusts the music settings accordingly.

We will soon be getting started with the AirPods Max ourselves. In our review we will certainly pay attention to any condensation during long-term use. In our review round-up of the AirPods Max you can already read what international media think of the headphones.

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