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‘After the arrival of our babies, our marriage was turned upside down’

“The first months after the birth of our first child were really tough,” Katie recalls. My husband and I argued about the stupidest things, like who should clean out the dishwasher. We had little patience and got on each other’s nerves. ‘

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After the arrival of her second child, four years later, there were again and again irritations. Katie: “That was still annoying, but it didn’t panic anymore. I now knew that that phase would pass again. ‘

Short fuse

Her youngest and third child is now ten months old. ‘She is much more intense than the first two. She needs constant attention and sleeps badly, ”says Katie.

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“But the last few months have demanded less from our marriage than I expected. That is probably because we now see those difficult times with sleepless nights and our short fuses coming from miles away. ‘

Do not panic

She has a message for all new parents who notice that their marriage is under stress because of a baby. Remind yourself it’s normal. You are both exhausted, hardly sleep and you just don’t have time for the two of you anymore. Especially if you already have one or more children, because they – in addition to your baby – also just need care. So it makes sense that your marriage is turned upside down. But don’t panic: babies grow up. In the end it will all work out again. ‘

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