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After a year, Microsoft recalls Age of Empires IV -apkrig

The fourth part of the legendary Age of Empires strategy was announced more than three years ago at Gamescom, with the first full-fledged demonstration not arriving until last November. The developers at Relic Entertainment explained at the time that the fourth installment would be a restart of the whole series and that players should expect a number of changes, however, the appearance of development chief Adam Isgreen during the XO19 presentation was again the last thing we heard about Age of Empires IV. Only yesterday did the developers finally respond through a blog post on the official website of the series, in which they summarized all the essentials they achieved during 2020 and, in addition to updates for the final edition of the second part and the third edition, also mentioned the expected sequel. But a lot of joy in the ranks of excited fans did not cause, because short update it brings only a cursory assessment of the current state, which is not accompanied by new images, let alone a hint of the release date.

“We are comfortingly advancing with Age of Empires IV. I don’t want you to envy us, but we play this game basically every day – whether in Washington or Vancouver, “says Shannon Loftis, director of World’s Edge, at the beginning of the message. It was announced at last year’s E3 trade fair, and although the development itself does not lead to any title, it acts as a link between the teams that take care of the Age of Empires series. Hence the note that Age of Empires IV is played in the offices in Washington, where World’s Edge is based, and in Vancouver, where Relic is based.

“Developing real-time strategies is funny – it takes some time to create individual systems (artificial intelligence, economics, simulation, rendering, etc.), and then it takes time to put them all together,” Loftis explains, and indirectly seems to be responding to the unspoken question of why development takes so many years. At the same time, the director of World’s Edge suggests that developers have already completed this process and can test the product, which must be free of all flaws, take care of balancing it in terms of the mechanisms represented and embellish everything properly before Age of Empires can IV come out. “Our Relic partners helped us significantly as we moved development from the office to the home and modified our own processes to meet the highest possible productivity and timeliness,” Loftis faces another challenge facing the authors of the new Age of Empires. .

The last part of the series was released in 2005, but it is fair to add that the brand is still alive not only thanks to the data discs for individual parts, but also thanks to their final editions.

However, even these obstacles have apparently been overcome, and the developers hope for a bright future and a lot of general enthusiasm when they will be able to talk specifically about everything (not only) they are working on in connection with Age of Empires IV. But that time has not yet come, and as mentioned in the introduction, we are still waiting for the release date. Just for context, we remind you that the last part of the series was released in 2005, but it is fair to add that the brand is still alive not only thanks to data discs for individual parts, but also thanks to the aforementioned final editions, which regularly return veterans to play and invite to try those who, for example, were not alive fifteen years ago. Therefore, we have not the slightest concern about the interest that Age of Empires IV will arouse, and we believe that even the announced changes will be sensitive enough for this unforgettable affair to retain its charm.

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