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Aeterna Noctis – -apkrig

Chaos, the creator of the universe and the entity that his beings regarded as god, did not receive the gratitude he had hoped for from his own creation. Instead, the conceited people split into two hostile kingdoms with the common goal of destroying God himself. They couldn’t be fiercer.

He did not allow himself to be intimidated by the chaos and decided to impose a curse on both kingdoms. He pitted the Queen of Light and the King of Darkness against each other in the fight for eternity. He provided them with immortality so that no one could ever win. They will fight for ages to rebel against their own creator.

You will experience this endless feud in the skin of the King of Darkness. You will fight to the numbness of the creatures sent against you by the Queen of Light. Just a little inattention and even the most ordinary needy will do a short process with you. However, immortality, remember? So after death, you roll it towards another death since the last checkpoint.

Aeterna Noctis subscribes to the legacy of classic 2D metroids, ie demanding action platformers with intricate corridors interconnected by abbreviations. The local Chaos-created world consists of 16 different areas, each of which differs not only in layout and atmosphere, but also in design.

In each of you, you will not only be bothered by a crowd of enemies and demanding bosses, but also by the environment itself. You fight half of the game, calmly and from a distance with the help of projectiles fired from plowing, which accompanies you everywhere, while the other half you overcome the inhospitable environment. The King of Darkness constantly uses agile deflection to avoid the ubiquitous thorns and does not despise bouncing off walls.

The whole package looks really challenging and fans of challenges could find pleasure in this metroidvania. Although we don’t learn much about the story and don’t even take long shots of acting at all, it can’t be missed here. Will the King of Darkness be able to definitively defeat the Queen of Light? Or, despite the curse, will they unite and overthrow Chaos itself? Only the creators of the game know this, which we hope will not turn against them.

Aeterna Noctis doesn’t have a specific release date yet. We should look forward to PC, PlayStation 5, new Xboxes and Switches next year.

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