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Activision pulls the plug on popular project

A sad day for many CoD fans: As the X-Labs team recently announced via Twitter, Activision’s lawyers knocked and brought a cease-and-desist letter. For PC gamers who are still playing the old Modern Warfare 2, this has particularly drastic consequences.

Activision takes action against Call of Duty modders

Nintendo is leading the way, Activision is following suit. The company, best known for the Call of Duty shooter series, has pulled the plug on a popular fan project.

The team behind the X Labs Project took to Twitter to say they were asked by Activision to to stop all activities on the mod projects with immediate effect. In order not to violate Activision’s request, the team has taken the website, the Patreon campaign and the Discord server offline.

The modders involved in the X Labs Project were mostly for their Modifications of older CoD games on PC known, which have since been dropped by Activision. For example, they added additional weapons or maps from other CoD parts and also offered the option of hosting dedicated servers on which admins could make special settings and restrictions. Especially the IW4X mod for Modern Warfare 2 from 2009 still enjoyed a relatively large fan base today.

Because while almost only matches with hackers can be played via the official matchmaking of the CoD classic, this and many other problems could be solved via IW4X.

CoD fans are shocked

In the Twitter comments, many fans meanwhile regret the discontinuation of the project and can hardly believe that with it a big CoD chapter comes to an end. Thank you for the commitment of the team and the great time.

Countless angry Twitter users also vent their anger towards Activision:

“Activision is such a loser company” – @SAWMelilla

“Hey Activision, we’ll never play a game you’re a part of again.” – @OGMily

Why exactly Activision has now decided to put a stop to the fan project is unclear.

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