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Ace Combat is called Project Wingman

A long wait for a regular sequel to Ace Combat did not result in crowds of eager players. The side effect was that more experienced fans in recent years have been patient and have gone into their own projects inspired by the famous Namca saga. One of the most interesting alternatives to the full-featured Ace Combat is Project Wingman, which has been run by independent developer Abi Rahmani alias RB-D2 for years

When I got the title in 2017 for the first time, I was excited about it. It was a welcome way to shorten the wait for Ace Combat 7, since the author offered free trial downloading alfaver. Project Wingman two years ago looked great with Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 technology and was trying to inspire a popular arcade not only in appearance, but also in gameplay, control and content. Abi Rahmani also bet on a combination of real fighter aircraft and a fictitious world with some of his futuristic features and machines

The author himself says Project Wingman is ideal for players who are not looking for a simulation but a quick action

About two years later, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is finally in the world, and we now know that this endless wait was worth it, and the sequel has succeeded. This does not mean, however, that Project Wingman has lost interest or even lost meaning. Exactly opposite. At a time when airplane games – no matter if action or simulators – are among the endangered species, every similar attempt is welcome. Especially when the big arcade competition, which was played by UBISOFT’s H.A.W.X, eliminated the positions. If you do not have free-to-play titles such as World of Warplanes or War Thunder, and you still want to stick to a straightforward concept, you’re on the right

The author himself says Project Wingman is ideal for players who are not looking for a simulation but a quick action. You can still test for free through a playable demo. The latest version was released last September, but Project Wingman asked for Kickstarter’s financial support in May. Here 2467 fans supported it, and for the next development it managed to choose almost two million crowns. On the original meta even the author reached in less than a day, such an interest awakened his title

And right. Project Wingman is primarily aimed at PCs, attracting fine tuning, over twenty aircraft and 40 unique weapons. As has been said, you can also look forward to unconventional machines and opponents. The title will be fully compatible with VR headsets throughout the game, including the story campaign or Conquest mode. Of course, support for joysticks. The story takes us to an alternative Earth, and in Conquest mode, you can look forward to a tactical action inspired by roguelike games and RPG, where you have to accumulate money, improve your own machine, and build a squadron to help you overcome the waves of ever-increasing adversaries

Do not miss a pacifist free flight without “annoying” enemies, which will allow you just to fly and enjoy the countryside. Promising sounds from the future soundtrack are also promising. Although some people joined the original author, most of the work remains, which is an admirable performance. According to the latest reports, the developer has been keeping up with feedback from fans and backers, which was another reason he went to Kickstarter. In addition to money and publicity, he wanted to get more feedback and tips from players

Originally, the author proceeded to stretch goals within the crowdfunding campaign. He simply did not have one.

Project Wingman is currently headed exclusively for Windows, but it is not excluded that the consoles could be expected later. There is also no multiplayer available so the author can fully focus on the single player game. Similarly, this is supported by modifications or mission editors. Both would offer the game in the future, but now it’s not on the agenda

The title began as Rahmani’s first portrayal. With the help of volunteers who helped with dubbing and script, but began to more and more commemorate the real game. He then plunged into the job when he received a grant from Epic Games. Originally, the author proceeded to stretch goals within the crowdfunding campaign. He simply had no idea that he had a clear vision and no money could change it, rather threatening. Which is definitely a praiseworthy step with regard to how it sometimes ends with other ambitious plans and promises

If you plan to try the game, three modified campaign missions, three controllable planes, more than a dozen unique weapons, and a prototype of Conquest mode are waiting for you in demos. You can watch the author and his project on Twitteru Facebooku Tumblru or Kickstarteru . You can download the demo from the game profile on the

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