According to internal files, ARD is planning a hefty increase

Broadcasting fees are set to increase by almost 40 percent. This emerges from internal documents of the ARD. We reveal what is planned and when the increase should come.

Streaming services are getting more and more expensive these days. This is now known and hardly shocks. But now the public broadcasters in Germany are apparently following suit. As from a report by Business Insider shows that the broadcasting fee should therefore increase by almost 40 percent.

Broadcasting contribution: Internal documents speak of an increase

Accordingly, the amount should increase to a total of 25.19 euros. The reason for this seems to be the future plans of the director Kai Gniffke. Among other things, the ARD chairman apparently wants to develop his own streaming platform, which should even compete with Netflix. Also involved: ZDF, which is apparently working on a Twitter alternative at the same time.

Increase by almost 40 percent from 2025

The new strategy is to be implemented by 2028. Such plans, however, cost several million euros. In order to cope with this, the broadcasting fee would have to increase again.

Compared to the current amount of 18.36 euros per month, the difference is not exactly small. Because the increase corresponds to an increase of 37 percent. From 2025, German citizens will probably still have to reckon with the new fee.

Broadcasting fee last increased in 2021

Around 85 percent of the total budget of the public service broadcasters currently comes from the license fee. The last increase was not until 2021. At that time, the fee rose from 17.50 euros to the current 18.36 euros.

In order to justify the increase, ARD and ZDF must submit specific figures to the Commission for Determining the Financial Needs of Broadcasters (KEF) by April 28, 2023. However, it is to be expected that the increase will not take place without public criticism, as was the case last time.

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