Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S10: Covers, covers, protective glass

Samsung Galaxy S10 is a very popular flagship from last year. Because it has long since met its successor Galaxy S20, so the price of previous models has dropped slightly on price. That’s why it’s a model line Samsung Galaxy S10 very popular even in this period.

If you’ve ever bought a smartphone Galaxy S10, we definitely recommend that you buy some accessories for it. If you have owned it for a long time, it would also be useful to look for some handy gadget. We have selected these for you in this article.

Basic accessories for Samsung Galaxy S10:

Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S10:

Protective packaging

The packaging is also part of the package with some of the new smartphones. However, it is mostly just plain plastic, with a transparent background. If you would like something more stylish for your Samsung Galaxy S10, you will need to purchase this protective or stylish element separately. You can do this at most of our dealers. You can choose between a cover on the back, but a better but less practical choice will be to invest in a more robust “flip case”.

The choice of style then remains entirely up to you. Most of the packaging we choose are well processed and have a surface that guarantees the security of holding in your hands. This selection also includes so-called magnetic cases or wallet cases.

LED View Cover

Speaking of those protective covers, you can also find some interesting pieces from our dealers. One of them is the LED View Cover for Samsung Galaxy S10, which can display the current time in points in a nice and especially simple way in the points on the front of the cover.

It practically copies the Always-ON function of the display, but at the same time protects the phone itself during use. When the package is closed, the entire device, including the display, is protected. In some cases, such prevention is very necessary and you would rather pay extra for some packaging, than then regret breaking the phone and subsequent service.

Toughened glass

The display is definitely one of the most basic components of a modern smartphone. All content, information and general activities take place right on the screen. It is therefore always necessary to protect it not only from breakage, but also from minor scratches and signs of wear. It’s not a nice look at a phone that looks like a few years old after a few weeks. Worst of all, however, signs of use can distort the view of an otherwise truly gorgeous display Samsung Galaxy S10 has.

The application of tempered glass or protective film can solve this problem perfectly. This not only manages to partially cover existing scratches thanks to the liquid adhesive on its underside, but above all it prevents the formation of other small and larger cracks. Toughened glass does not have such a good oleophobic layer that repels dirt and fingerprints, but honestly, it is better to have such a less handsome prevention than the display itself, which does not look nice over time.

Covers for Samsung Galaxy S10

Wallet cover for Samsung Galaxy S10

Silicone case for Samsung Galaxy S10

Cables for Samsung Galaxy S10

Manufacturers are used to adding at least a basic cable to the package, which is sufficient for most operations. However, having an extra deposit is not harmful. For example, you leave one at home, carry the other in your bag to work. Then nothing will surprise you. With such a philosophy, you can also buy a cable for the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Memory card

Model line Samsung Galaxy S10 Fortunately, it still supports the expansion of the memory with a microSD card, so you can also include them in the selection of accessories. 64 GB will definitely be enough nowadays, but even less will be enough for some.

Those who are more demanding, who want to have all things and media, will always reach for a higher capacity on the phone. However, this is the case if they have opted for a smartphone variant with less storage space. The choice of memory card capacity is up to you.


This section is intended especially for those for whom the enclosed charger is not enough, or they would need a new one or one with a fast charge. You may also notice that we haven’t forgotten about the wireless charger you provided Samsung not included in the package. However, you can buy it separately.

The extra charger is never harmful. On the one hand, it is suitable for traveling, but it will also serve well as a reserve. You can buy it for your Samsung Galaxy S10 for a really nice amount. Some models even get even the much needed USB-C cable.


Despite the fact that there are several external chargers available on the market, we have decided to choose one for you from Samsung. It has a capacity of a respectable 10,000 mAh, supports fast charging and even has a wireless charging standard. This is not the fastest, but the important thing is that it will work fully. Of course, if you are looking for a powebank for the Samsung Galaxy S10, you can also reach for well-known models such as Xiaomi.

Car holder

For those who travel a lot, a thing like a car holder is definitely suitable. With this gadget, you can use navigation on your smartphone, which you can see in your eyes practically all the way. The holder can be easily glued to the windshield of the vehicle. In order for the holder to serve well, it does not have to come from the company immediately Samsung.

Car charger

If you decide to buy a car holder, you should definitely not forget about the car charger. You don’t have to immediately reach for models with a logo Samsung, just to tune in to your phone. The choice is quite wide and you can reach for a compatible alternative without any worries. A USB car charger normally offers multiple slots and may even offer other features. An example is the FM Transmitter.


For a proper party, you need a wireless speaker that anyone can connect to via Bluetooth. We chose such an old acquaintance JBL Flip 5which does not offend in any way. It has a quality, powerful sound, good battery life, stylish appearance and, moreover, you can take it with you anywhere.

Reproduktor JBL Flip 5

Fit bracelet and smart watch

Nowadays, in addition to the phone, some users already have a fitness bracelet or a smart watch. These are available on the market from the workshops of many manufacturers, but true fans of the brand will probably stick to their own. That’s why we include a popular, cheap bracelet here Samsung Galaxy Fit e, along with a smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 44 mm.

Samsung Galaxy Fit e
Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm

Finally, we also add headphones to the selection of accessories. Specifically, Samsung Galaxy Buds, which was recently given a successor during the presentation of the latest flagship board. However, they are a bit more expensive and the first generation Galaxy Buds goes hand in hand with Galaxy S10. These are wireless Bluetooth headphones with high quality sound, great features, stylish design and good durability.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

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