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a nice alternative to the baby shower?

a nice alternative to the baby shower?

What happens during a mother’s blessing?

A mother’s blessing consists of various activities to allow the mother to relax and to prepare the body in the right way for childbirth and motherhood. You can do the following activities during a mother’s blessing:

Pamper the mother

Pamper the pregnant one completely. Think of wonderful wellness activities such as massages or a magnesium foot bath.

Women’s circle

Get everyone in a circle and share wisdom, beautiful moments and positive stories about pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

To eat

Where very sweet pastries are often on the table at a baby shower, healthy and nourishing products are now chosen. These feed the body from within and give strength.

Being creative

Be creative together, for example make a joint flower wreath to celebrate female beauty. Decorate the room with birth garlands with beautiful texts or drawings or make a necklace for the mother-to-be

Relaxing activities

A yoga class, singing bowl session or meditation is perfect for (mental) relaxation.

Attention to the abdomen

The growing belly is a sign of the arrival of new life. You can use henna to decorate the belly nicely or a natural oil to rub in the belly. Be kind to the belly.

Nativity altar

Every woman can bring or make something small during the blessing for the birth altar. Think of small (gem) stones or notes with powerful messages that the expectant mother can read during childbirth or use to draw strength from.

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