A new Trojan horse is spreading a lot through the Telegram in the Czech Republic

ESET has published a regular overview of the biggest threats to the Android operating system in the Czech Republic. In October 2021, the old well-known banking malware Cerberus tried to do the damage most often in our country, but a new big “player” also appeared. GriftHorse Trojan Horsewhich has spread, for example, through popular games or the Telegram application. Inattentive users subscribed to unwanted paid services and often without their knowledge he deprived them of money.

It is no longer new that similar malicious files are part of applications that are saved by trustworthy and trusted users outside the Play Store. Spread through the aforementioned popular Telegram communicator however, it is even more alarming. People with already infected mobile phones are spreading it through the news. GriftHorse floods the user with advertised messages about the alleged win until he clicks on one of the announcements. The attackers then redirect him to another page, where they require verification in the form of entering a telephone number. In fact, he is subscribed to paid premium services.

“In a large number of cases, it spread through the Telegram chat application. Users could then come across it as well in pulse monitoring applications or in the GPS locator to check the safety of family members, ā€¯warns ESET, recalling that the attackers rely on just thatthat people are looking for commonly paid free apps at unofficial places outside the Play Store.

How often do you receive such suspicious messages?

Source: TZ

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