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a new “spam” section is coming like on Gmail

Good news, Google Drive has just added a “spam” folder, which should, as its name suggests, limit the number of emails you receive when someone shares a file with you.

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File sharing on Drive has essentially been transformed into email, which means anyone with your email address can “share” a file with you, anda ton of spammers already have your email address. Previously, Drive assumed that all shared files were legitimate and wanted, with the only “control” being “security by obscurity” and the hope that no one else knew your email address.

Already in 2021, Google had tried to block the sharing of files considered spam, but the arrival of a dedicated section should help solve the problem. In July 2021, the company also launched a new tool against spammers, allowing in particular to prevent a user from sharing content with you in the future or from delete all files shared by another user.

How will the “spam” folder on Google Drive work?

Spam folder and algorithmic spam filters will work similar to Gmailredirecting files that Drive strongly suspects are junk to the spam folder. Users will also be able to manually move Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, and Forms files in and out of the spam folder. Also note that after a file has resided in the spam folder for more than 30 days, it will be permanently deleted from Drive.

Starting May 24 and continuing for the next few weeks, all Google Drive users will soon see a “Spam” folder added to their Google Drive account, directly above the Trash folder. You already have the ability to mark a suspicious item as spam and block the sender, but this new spam feature will allow Google Drive to Automatically detect and quarantine suspicious files.

Not only will the file be isolated, but you will automatically be unsubscribed, which is a good thing because many of these malicious files have multiple recipients and whenever someone interacts with the file, you get a notification. This new feature therefore promises to revolutionize the daily lives of many people.

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