A monochrome mode on Android (all versions)

You do not need to have a recent Android 9 smartphone to enjoy the monochrome mode. The option is well hidden, but it is there … Let’s see how to activate this mode to save energy and get out of its bubble …

The option of Android 9 to switch its grayscale display in the top scrolling menu is not really new. This option, much more accessible in the latest version of the OS, was already present in the Options for Developers of previous Android opus. Be careful, do not confuse this mode with the mode Dark which allows not to damage too much the eyes if you use your smartphone without external light.

But then, why use this monochrome mode when you have invested in a 6-inch OLED screen? This is both saving battery in case of emergency, but also to make your smartphone a little less attractive. In the office or during a family reunion, you will have less desire to look at your screen: guaranteed effect!

On Android 9, the option” Shades of gray “is more accessible …

Tutorial: Activate the mode” Grayscale “

# 1 – Enable Developer Options

" Options for Developers which are a go to Settings then go to System then scroll to the bottom and enter About the phone Find the Build number line and quickly press it several times (depending on the overlays, the location of this setting may change, in Xiaomi it may be MIUI Version etc.) You should see a message that will warn you that you have succeeded.

# 2 – Back in the System

" Options for Developers of your device (after entering your PIN) You will normally find it in System but this can also change if your Android overlay is a bit different than the “stock” one.

# 3 – The Simulate line color space

" Simulate color space . (it is located in the middle) then select the option Monochromatism No need to restart: the result is displayed immediately


# 4 – In B & W!

" Simulate color space and choose Disabled . Note that the energy saving mode is a better option in case of emergency, but you are promised that you will look at your device less often …

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