A major update for PS5 with support for additional SSDs -apkrig is released

Today, Sony releases a major system update for the PlayStation 5. It brings a number of enhancements and innovations, including the ability to expand storage with M.2 SSDs, and has so far only been available to select users in closed testing. This is the second major software update system for the PS5.

We have repeatedly addressed the topic of SSD for PlayStation 5 on Vortex, including what parameters the discs must meet and which manufacturers already offer the recommended models. You can grind into our archive. On this occasion, Sony has prepared a special video tutorial to help you install the SSD in the console. At the same time, we ourselves are preparing for our own guide and speed measurement, which Honza should prepare.

Another novelty in the firmware update is the support of 3D audio on televisions, ie without the need to use headphones as before. You enable the feature in the sound settings, and it tries to mimic 3D sound using standard 2-channel speakers on the TV. You can measure the acoustic properties of the room with the help of a microphone on the DualSense controller. According to Sony, the function is optimized for your home.

Lots of other minor improvements to the console and applications

In the library and in the dashboard, thanks to the new update, you can better distinguish between PS4 and PS5 versions of cross-gen titles, which has been a bit confusing so far. Players also have a better overview of which of their friends is online, and friend management has improved in general. You can also accept multiple friend requests at the same time. Similarly, trophy management, sorting, and tracking are improved. You can customize the appearance of the Control Center and messages can be sent directly from the Game Base.

Players located in a region where PlayStation Now streaming service is available can choose between 720p and 1080p. However, the mobile application will also undergo minor modifications. For example, PS Remote Play will also support streaming over mobile data. Sony recommends a speed of at least 5 Mbps, but 15 Mbps is optimal, but the transferred data can be reduced by adjusting the image quality.

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