A cheap IKEA air quality sensor will expand your smart home. It also attracts with its design.

Modern technologies are rapidly spreading to our homes, and the well-known not only furniture shop is left behind. New IKEA air quality sensor VINDRIKTNING thus expanding the portfolio of smart home products that the Swedish trader already offers.

A cheap IKEA air quality sensor will expand your smart home

As is customary with products from the IKEA workshop, we can also look forward to a minimalist design for the air quality sensor, thanks to which a small white plastic box will fit into many households. Once we connect it with USB-C connector to the network adapter, it starts measuring the concentration of particles up to the size PM 2,5.

What are PM 2.5 particles?

PM 2.5 particles are fine dust particles found in the air from which they can enter the lower respiratory tract. These particles have been shown to contribute to higher mortality.

Air quality is indicated by LED strip. Green color means good air quality, Orange acceptable and red poor air quality and high levels of particulate matter in the air.

The sensor itself is only informative, so it will use its potential best in combination with air purifier FÖRNUFTIGwhich IKEA sells for pleasant 1290Kč. We then get a replacement particulate filter for just 149CZK. However, the disadvantage may be that it is a manually operated purifier, so according to the air quality indicated by the sensor, a purifier will be needed. operate manually. We can only hope that Swedish trade will improve in this direction and bring communication between the various gadgets of a smart home.

The IKEA VINDRIKTNING air quality sensor is currently only available in the US for $ 11.99, ie approximately 250CZK. However, it is very likely that the novelty will also appear in the Czech Republic and will complement the IKEA smart home offer. The price tag is favorable, but we will not find in the product packaging neither a USB-C cable nor a power adapter.

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