A bang at VW: Will Seat be crushed soon?

The rumor mill about VW and its subsidiary Seat is seething: In the Seat plant in Martorell, Spain, only electric cars will roll off the assembly line in the future, that’s for sure. On the contrary, which name will be on the cars there.

VW boss only speaks of the Cupra when it comes to Seat’s e-future

The signs between Wolfsburg and Martorell near Barcelona point to change: the parent company VW wants to turn the production of the Spanish subsidiary inside out. Only electric models are to come from the Seat factory.

The first fully electric car will roll off the assembly line in Martorell this year, however not under the Seat brand. Instead, the Seat spin-off Cupra completely converted to battery-electric drives. According to VW boss Herbert Diess Cupra will be “THE youthful and fully electric car brand”.

That this news but at the same time could mean the end of the Seat brand, the Business Insider portal claims to have found out from its own sources how Media reports emerges. The corresponding article from Business Insider is no longer available, but indicated that Diess did not mention the name Seat.

Diess’ announcement followed a visit to the Spanish plant with King Felipe VI of Spain, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Industry and Trade Minister María Reyes Maroto Illera. Together with Volkswagen and Seat, the plan is to To make Spain a center of e-mobility, among other things with a strong infrastructure and own battery production.

Could be a model for the Apple Car – the ID Buzz from VW:

Two become one: turning Seat into Cupra could be exactly the right step

Should Seat actually be lost as a brand, it should a heavy pill for the fans be. But such a decision could make sense overall. A sharper image would do the brands of the VW group good.

After all, Seat and Škoda are moving in the same direction two manufacturers practically in the same price segment, both with VW technology inside, just for less money. There Seat has been serving a younger audience for a long time, relies on Spanish emotion. Škoda’s strategy is more aimed at function and reliability. Quite possible that VW is driving exactly the right strategy by taking the youth seats to the extreme under the name Cupra.

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