9292 app gets busy indicator and comes with buying e-tickets

Travel app 9292 is getting an update that includes a range of new functions. First of all, there is the option to purchase e-tickets. In addition, the application also shows how busy the bus, train, tram or metro is.

9292 with busy indicator

An update can be downloaded from the Play Store for the 9292 app. The latest version of the app with which you can plan your route for public transport brings two new functions. From now on, when planning your trip, you will immediately see the crowds expected on your trip. If your trip consists of several means of transport, you can see the busy forecast for each means of transport.


You can now also buy e-tickets in the 9292 app. This functionality has already been tested and is now available to everyone. With every travel advice you will see a black button at the bottom of the page with which you can be directly redirected to the page for buying an e-ticket. However, it seems that this does not yet work for every carrier and also not on every route, but there is cooperation with a large number of carriers.

You pay a certain percentage of service costs on top of the fixed ticket price. You pay your ticket directly via iDeal and it will appear directly in the app. You can also call this up again at a later time via the menu of the application. The video below gives some additional explanation about this. It is also possible to buy several tickets at once.

9292 OV - train, bus, metro, & tram route planner
9292 OV - train, bus, metro, & tram route planner

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