9 at 9: New Android apps in the Play Store (week 33/21)

Let’s go into a new weekend and of course the question arises again, which innovations await us in the Play Store. In addition to various new games, a few interesting tools have crept in again this time.

Idle Trading Empire

Enter the Middle Ages and take care of a growing kingdom. The main activity in this game is trading. Build the necessary production facilities and sell your goods in all countries. A look at other countries will bring you new skills and abilities. Of course, this also requires an effective transport system.

Price 0.00 EUR

(155) – ∅: 4.7

Dark Riddle 2 – Story mode

A new episode with many more puzzles and missions is waiting for you. Thanks to new content, you can also get around in this game using vehicles such as cars or tractors. Futuristic devices, such as the removal of gravity, are also included. Interact with new characters and solve your neighbors’ secrets.

Price 0.00 EUR

(1099) – ∅: 4.6

Idle AuWuuLa

This new game takes you into a distant past. As a member of a prehistoric tribe, you will deal with primeval creatures. Tame them and use their help in the fight against bigger and stronger beasts. A large selection of different warriors is available to you for this.

Price 0.00 EUR

(186) – ∅: 4.5

Wonderland: Beauty & Beast Free

Everyone should probably know beauty and the beast. In this new game you can slip into the role of one of the two. Personalize your character, interact with your counterpart and explore the environment. Many adventures are waiting for you.

Price 0.00 EUR

(5520) – ∅: 4.1

Arashi Adventure

Collect Far Eastern fighters, equip them and fight with them in the arena. Use different skills to decide the fight for you. Many other players and also guilds are waiting for you.

Price 0.00 EUR

(2074) – ∅: 4.6

Hexagonal block

The new game with its distinctive title is a nice puzzle for in between. The playing field consists of blocks with numbers that can be moved. The same numbers add up to make larger numbers. Only in this way the entire playing field.

Price 0.00 EUR

(90) – ∅: 4.1

Potato smash

A team made up of potatoes is likely to be a rarity. In this tower defense game, however, it is precisely these potatoes that have to come together in a team and fend off the attacking hordes. You can play alone or with other players.

Price 0.00 EUR

(5168) – ∅: 4.4

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

When you screw a banana, things get exciting. Pedro’s family has been kidnapped and the exciting adventure can begin. In 37 levels you faced the dangers on foot, by motorcycle or on a skateboard. Of course, you can shoot hard.

Price 0.00 EUR

(39729) – ∅: 4.4

SchoolFox – all-in-one school app

Actually, this app has been around for a long time. However, it was not possible to accommodate the changes via an update. Find all the important data about your school, including a timetable, class register, video lessons, cloud storage and many other modules.

Price 0.00 EUR

(893) – ∅: 4.7

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