9 at 9: New Android apps in the Play Store (week 22/21)

It’s fun to test new games and apps on your smartphone. And when they’re free, it’s twice as much fun. That’s why we’re once again presenting the best free new products from the Play Store this weekend.

Flow Water Connect Puzzle

Puzzle games of this kind are already real classics. Yet they are still popular. Provide plants with water and also pay attention to the right colors. To do this, turn the parts in the right direction and let the water flow. With more than 600 free levels, the game is quite well equipped and should offer long-lasting fun.

Price 0.00 EUR

(8) – ∅: 3.4

Moonlight Sculptor

This new game is an MMORPG that offers you a fantastic world to explore. Of course, you can also fight extensively. There is no shortage of opponents and weekly tournaments ensure plenty of fun. You can of course also be a handyman and take care of the decoration of your house or relax while fishing.

Price 0.00 EUR

(19105) – ∅: 3.7

Shopping list great! for brochures 2021

Every week I look at the new brochures from discounters near me. These and many other providers are included in this app. In addition to purely virtual rummaging through the brochures, you can also create your shopping list here and then tick it off in the store.

Price 0.00 EUR

(24) – ∅: 4.3

Samorost 1

The forefather of this game is now almost 20 years old. This new game takes you into the beginnings of the little space gnome. Of course, the remake has been graphically revised and offers a better sound.

Price 0.00 EUR

(514) – ∅: 4.6

Game of Nations: Epic Dispute

Gods and heroes play a very special role in this RPG. These come from different civilizations and can be unlocked. With these heroes, different units and gods, you can take to the battlefield and fight against other players. The campaign also offers you numerous challenges. Discover civilizations, create armies and forge alliances.

Price 0.00 EUR

(564) – ∅: 4.2

D4DJ Groovy Mix

Anyone who likes rhythm games and also loves manga and anime will quickly be able to make friends with this combination. More than 130 tracks are waiting for you here. Through this you can type and swipe yourself as a DJ. Design the user interface according to your wishes and requirements.

Price 0.00 EUR

(3075) – ∅: 4.7

Mad Skills Motocross 3

Race your motorcycle over hundreds of different routes and show what you’re made of. Perform stunts and jump your bike. You can adapt and improve this with plenty of accessories. If you don’t like to drive alone, you can drive online with and against other players.

Price 0.00 EUR

(1089) – ∅: 4.2


This game has been available on consoles and the PC since last year and now it’s the turn of smartphones and tablets. However, if you want to play the whole game, you have to buy it. In a pixel-heavy environment, you go on the hunt for criminals as a bounty hunter. Of course, you have a considerable arsenal of weapons at your disposal.

Price 0.00 EUR

(382) – ∅: 4.7

Happy Meal card games

I won’t get full from a happy meal, but I’m certainly not the target group either. With this app you can get even more out of the card games at the Happy Meal. All you have to do is scan them and you can play one of the games. The app can also be used as a photo and video app.

Price 0.00 EUR

(10) – ∅: 3.0

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