9 at 9: New Android apps in the Play Store (week 01/21)

New week, new apps and games. Like every weekend, we’re introducing you to the best new apps and games from the Play Store. All can be downloaded and installed for free. For a few cool games you will certainly find a little space on your smartphone or tablet.

Mist Forest

As the leader of a team of heroes, you start this adventure game. This is not a game in which 2 teams face each other and mutually blow their weapons and skills in the ears. Here you experience action-packed adventures in dungeons and you have to deal with real opponents. Collect different heroes and use them strategically based on their skills.

Price 0.00 EUR

(564) – ∅: 3.1

Shootero – Space Shooting Attack 2020

This free game is a classic vertical shooter. Only the graphics are a bit minimalist than you are used to from other games in this genre. The gameplay is the same, however. You fly with a spaceship on a more or less straight route and destroy everything that comes towards you. Start your spaceship with different skills for air combat and shoot your opponents with rockets, bullets and lasers.

Price 0.00 EUR

(426) – ∅: 4.4

Ronin: The last samurai

Graphically, this game is more reminiscent of an ink drawing. That doesn’t mean there is less action here, however. Since you lost your master in the war, you now roam the country as a ronin and seek your fulfillment in revenge. Make the last samurai better and better and teach him new skills.

Price 0.00 EUR

(16154) – ∅: 4.7

Dynasty Scrolls

RPG mixes with tactics in this new game. Use your fighters strategically and use the numerous combos available to destroy your opponents. As with most games of this type, it is important to level your heroes as quickly as possible, as there are already plenty of opponents who have a big lead.

Price 0.00 EUR

(2669) – ∅: 4.3

Rocket Punch!

With a rocket-propelled boxing glove you try to knock your opponents down and solve the levels. Since this game is a puzzle, the right tactics are more important than speed. If you are not careful, you can also hit yourself on the nose from time to time. Shoot your missile glove and bring it to the target.

Price 0.00 EUR

(1129) – ∅: 4.7

Idle landmark!

If you want a game where you can relax and still have to think a little, then this new app could be the right choice. Your job is to build landmarks. For that you also have to take care of your workers. The better these are, the faster you pull up the structures.

Price 0.00 EUR

(191) – ∅: 4.3

Dragon Tamer

Create your own dragon island and develop it further. You can collect more than 100 different dragons. As a breeder, you can of course also generate new species. So that there is a little action in this game, you can form your dragons into a team and send them into battle. This is done turn-based against other players.

Price 0.00 EUR

(109) – ∅: 4.5

Anti stress fidgets 3D cubes – calming games

This new game is all about relaxation. You can lower your stress level in various small mini-games. Play with shapes, colors and sounds. This app is more suitable for small sessions in between and when you feel a little stressed and are looking for a little activity to calm down.

Price 0.00 EUR

(618) – ∅: 4.1

Gear Race 3D

Zynga has already brought some well-known and popular games to the Play Store. Even if the advertising is a little exaggerated here, it is a nice racing game with lots of little runabouts that can of course be collected and improved. The racetracks are rather unconventional and there is no unnecessary, annoying sound.

Price 0.00 EUR

(25322) – ∅: 3.6

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