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8 winter sports apps for Android

Snow, skiing, mountains and pistes; or winter sports! Winter is coming and the ski season is in full swing. We list eight useful winter sports and skiing holiday apps for Android.


Wintersport apps

The number of Dutch people going on winter sports is around one million. Are you going snowboarding, skiing or any other sport in the snow? Then we have compiled a list for you with interesting Android apps for winter sports.

Skiinfo Snow Level & Ski App

The app Skiinfo is a comprehensive application which is available for free in the Play Store. With Skiinfo you can set a free notification when new snow falls in your favorite ski area. In addition, you will find more than 2000 ski areas in the app in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and a number of other countries. You also have snow levels, ski tips, live webcams, maps of various ski areas and the weather forecast. A very complete application to make your skiing holiday a success!

 Skiinfo Snow report & Ski App

ADAC Skiguide 2019

ADAC is in Germany what it says here is the ANWB. The application ADAC Skiguide 2019 is available free of charge and has various interesting possibilities on board. Information about ski resorts, offline opportunities, winter tours, maps and much more. Keep in mind that the application is entirely German language. Despite this, the ADAC Skiguide 2019 is certainly an interesting and useful application.


As the name of the application suggests, we have here an app that all provides information about snow levels. The application with all the associated information is available free of charge. You can consult the weather forecast (including the snow forecast) in the app of, and you can also find information about slopes and ski lifts in the app. In the app you can further view live webcams from the ski areas. In addition, it has a number of extensive possibilities for social media.


iSki Tracker

With iSki Tracker you can use GPS to track exactly how and where you have skied. The app provides insight into your speeds, mileage, altitude differences and much more. At the iSkier Community you can add friends and see how they have done it. iSki Tracker can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.



Mountains enough for skiing. With the PeakLens app you can use augmented reality to focus your camera on these mountain peaks. You then immediately see which mountain you are looking at. The app can work both online and offline and has more than 200,000 peaks. Of course you also see the height of the mountains. You can also see in which (wind-) direction these mountains lie.


Sportler Ski Tracker

As the name of the app ‘Sportler Ski Tracker’ already indicates, you can use this application track your ski performance. Not only with the ski, but also with the snowboard. The application can also work in the background and keeps track of speed, route, heights, distances and more. You can also compete against friends.


Bergfex / Ski

Bergfex / Ski is a handy app. The application gives access to the current weather, the weather forecast, webcams, trail maps, snow reports and much more. Bergfex / Ski Pro also offers video tutorials for the novice skier. The snow forecast is also more extensive and you will also find in the app rates of the ski slopes and no advertisements appear.


Snowsports Academy

Are not you completely experienced with skiing or snowboarding? The application Snowsports Academy gives you an overview of different exercises and useful information. Certain techniques are explained in this application in German and English. Snowsports Academy can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.


Are you curious about the weather, the weather forecast and radar images at your holiday destination? Then a good weather app should not be missed. Consult our extensive survey of the best weather app in our weather app test 2018 .

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