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8 free browser games that you can play with your friends

Christmas is around the corner! And while you usually spend the festive season with your family, between the years you usually meet up with old friends from high school or university – this year only in digital form. So that you don’t get bored with a Skype call, we have a few for you free browser games that you can easily play with your friends – even in larger groups!

During the Christmas season, most of us like to spend a lot of time with family and friends. This year, however, due to the corona pandemic, that’s flat. In order to keep the number of infections as low as possible, all citizens are called upon to greatly reduce the number of contacts, in order to be able to further contain the spread of the virus.

So what to do if you still want to do something with your friends? There are now many lucky ones free browser gamesthat you can play together or against each other. The only requirement: access to a PC or laptop and an Internet connection – then nothing stands in the way of the evening of games.

The advantage of free browser games is obvious – They can be played simply via a link without much prior knowledge or installation and the selection is large. Since there are no costs, they are ideal to lure even the biggest party grouch from the reserve.

We introduce you to 8 suitable browser games on the following pages – And finally, an insider tip for the smartphone that you should definitely have on your screen this year. If you want to get an even better impression of the games, you will find a video above that summarizes all the games and accompanies them with some moving images.

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8 free browser games that you can play with your friends

The range of free browser games is really huge. For a larger group, it is definitely worthwhile to create multiple channels for different games on Discord or Teamspeak. So you can celebrate from “room” to “room” like at a wild flat share party.

Have fun playing!

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