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7x the best Christmas dresses for children

Full skirt

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Thanks to the zipper on the back, your child needs some help with putting it on, but after that this beautiful jacquard woven dress will fit like a glove.

The pleats at the waist and the voluminous skirt make it extra festive. Order the dress here.



Pink, purple and gold: a perfect color combination for Christmas. This airy dress has double layers at the bottom and an elastic waist. The transparent sleeves make it extra chic.

Order the dress now with a substantial discount.

Christmas through and through


If you give Santa a sweet look, he will probably want to reach deep into his pouch for this gorgeous party dress. Your child will steal the show with it during Christmas dinner and New Years, but also at the next wedding.

It is available in red and blue and you can order it here.

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Nicely light


Just swing, because this party dress with ruffles seems made for that. It has a stand-up collar and elastic cuffs at the ends of the sleeves.

Be quick, because you can now buy it with a 40 percent discount.

Glitter Fest


Speaking of shiny – as soon as your child enters this dress, everyone blinks twice. It is closed with buttons at the back and the skirt hits just above the knee.

Order the dress here.

Puffed sleeves


Prefer a little less striking? This cute polka dot dress has a low waist and long puffed sleeves. Add colored leggings and a beautiful necklace and your child is ready for a great evening.

Order the polka dot dress here.

Sweet and tough


Don’t worry that it shows through, because this nice dress has an underskirt. The layers also give it an extra full look. If your child likes animal prints, this is not only a top dress for Christmas, but also for the rest of the season.

Order it here, now with a substantial discount.

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