7x sports indoor activities for children

Another round

This autumn the new Indoor Mountainbike experience will be opened in Almere. In the glass greenhouse, small and large bicycle enthusiasts can enjoy the mountain bike trail full of sandy hills, sharp bends, water and obstacles.

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They will sleep well

You hardly know where to start in Adventure City in Rotterdam. The challenges in this mega climbing park are already suitable for children from the age of four. There are high and low climbing courses, a net course with rope bridges, a bouldering hall, an exciting tube system and a real free fall quick jump of ten or twenty meters.

Look Mommy, without a rope

With bouldering you can climb a climbing wall of up to four meters without rope or fuses. This makes climbing challenging and fun for beginners at the same time. Of course there is a mat on the floor for safety. At bouldering hall Block013 in Tilburg there is a choice of nine levels of difficulty, something for everyone.

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Another planet

Win the escape game or shoot each other with laser guns: in Nijmegen you step into a world full of indoor activities at Planet Awesome. From glow golf to arcade games and much more.

Stained glass

A true trampoline heaven is hidden behind the walls of this church. Jumping, freerunning and jumping into the foam pit, it’s all possible at Flight Deck 53 in Hilversum. Tip: let the children show their best tricks with stained glass in the background. That only produces cool photos.

Screeching tires

The engine of your kart car is already running in Schagen, North Holland. SkagaVenture is a real adventure hotspot. With a lightning-fast e-kart track, but also a large trampoline hall and great games.

Segway talent

This time you do not zoom through the streets of Barcelona as a tourist on a Segway, but you just stay in the Netherlands. In Dordrecht, your Segway skills are only really tested on the indoor track. Through bridges and moving floors you will find out how agile you are on two wheels. Suitable for children from the age of eight. selected this fine list of outings especially for Kek Mama. is the inspiration site for outings with children in the Netherlands, in all corners of the world, for all ages and throughout the year. The site is conveniently divided by region, so you can easily discover which fun children’s activities are available in the area.

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