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Gingerbread cookies are part of the holidays and this recipe gives it a fun twist. The muffins are delicious with tea or with a glass of lemonade and are the perfect pre-Christmas snack.

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Fun to make together and if it is up to your child, these pizzas are course one, two and three.


Tradition in many families: a pastry in advance. Even better if you make the ragout yourself.

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potato soup

The color pops out of the bowl and the sweet potato tastes nice and sweet. Your child will drink it in no time. Here you will find the recipe.

Mushroom tart

Puff pastry, mushrooms, ricotta and grated cheese: soft flavors that every child likes. And of course they always like their own oven dish. That’s how you make them.


Because preparing turkey is such a job, you just make these delicious chickens. Ready much faster, just as tasty and just as Christmas thanks to the cranberry.

Ice cream donuts

Make sure leave your child with a hole (or two) for these delicious donut ice cream sandwiches. Made like that and (unfortunately) like that. Here you will find the recipe.

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