7 tips and deals in a row

Not a romantic dinner in a restaurant and not going to the cinema together: Valentine’s Day can be quite a challenge in 2021. iPhoned lends you a hand with seven deals and tips.

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Deals and tips for a successful Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day looks a bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing left to do. Restaurants are eager to deliver orders and with home delivery of presents and cards you can go a long way. We have listed a number of great Valentine’s Day deals and tips in 2021.

1. Greetz

Valentine’s Day comes with a card and Greetz has been a major player in that field for years. Via the Greetz website or app you can choose from an extensive range of Valentine’s cards, which you can customize yourself with stickers and your own text. Also nice is the option to expand your card with a present.

Chocolate bars, a set of dried flowers, gift vouchers and more: sometimes it doesn’t even fit through the letterbox. That makes Greetz an excellent way to surprise someone you cannot pass due to circumstances.

Greetz cards and gifts

Greetz cards and gifts

Greetz BV

2. Albelli

A little cliché doesn’t have to be a big disaster on Valentine’s Day. With Albelli you can easily order photo gifts: from photos on canvas for the wall to complete photo books. Also nice: make your own calendar with photos, so that together you can count down to the moment when you can celebrate Valentine’s Day in a normal way again.

The nice thing about the service offering is that the prices vary enormously. As a result, there is probably something for most people to be able to give such a personal gift.

bonusprint photo book, photo calendar

bonusprint photo book, photo calendar

AlbumPrinter BV

3. Pathé Thuis

Have you had enough of Netflix, Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus? Then the Pathé Thuis app has everything you need for a successful movie night. The service has an extensive selection of new and old films, including a large collection of gooey romantic comedies (and really good films).

Pathé Thuis has an app on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV and most smart TVs. This means you can use it on practically any device. If you don’t have a smart TV, you can always start the service on your MacBook or laptop and connect it to your TV with an HDMI cable.

Pathé Thuis - Movies & Popcorn

Pathé Thuis – Movies & Popcorn

Home theater

4. Home delivery / Deliveroo / Local restaurants

Although the restaurants are closed, that doesn’t mean you have to dine with a bowl of soup on your lap on Valentine’s Day. More and more restaurants have signed up for apps such as Thuisbezorgd and Deliveroo. This is handy, because it allows you to easily choose from a wide range of restaurants in an app that you probably already know.

Aside from that, we also recommend walking around town and checking out what local restaurants have for options. Some of the smaller tents are probably not in the range of these big delivery apps, but could use an extra dose of customers on Valentine’s Day.




Deliveroo: meal delivery

Deliveroo: meal delivery


5. Kitchen Stories

Maybe you don’t need a delivery service or restaurant at all to conjure up a spectacular dinner. In that case, the Kitchen Stories app is your best friend. The app is full of photos and a clear explanation with recipes. This way, you can prepare tasty dishes even with limited experience in the kitchen.

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories

AJNS New Media

6. AirBNB

Going abroad is not an option for the time being, but in the AirBNB app you can find lots of nice places in the Netherlands. A nice Valentine’s gift can be a weekend away in a place in the Netherlands where you have never been, or an activity that is offered in the app. For example, more and more online activities can be booked, which you can carry out completely from home.

The range is large and therefore prices vary considerably. Very nice for people who celebrate Valentine’s Day small, or for those who go big on this day.


IOS / tvOS apps for two

Not in the mood for a movie or something else passive? Fortunately, there are plenty of apps in the App Store that are specially made for two players. There is the original Bounden, a dance game in which the iPhone plays a central role. With two people, grab your iPhone and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Another nice app is Happy Couple, an app with a quiz that shows how well you really know your partner. Every day you answer five questions, so that you gradually find out where you agree or differ enormously. As a final tip, we would like to recommend Kitty Letter, a comical new word game that you can play against each other. A simple but entertaining game that only takes a few minutes, but after which you will undoubtedly play another game.


Happy Couple

Happy Couple

Happy Couple

Kitty Letter

Kitty Letter

Exploding Kittens

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