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7 things we fear most

Whether the energy crisis, the Ukraine war or the corona virus: there are several factors that worry people in Germany. In our weekly ranking, we introduce you to the seven biggest fears of Germans. do you share them

There are events that our generation does not yet know: War in Europe – only a few thousand kilometers from our apartments and houses. And this, in turn, results in momentous developments that make our lives even more difficult.

For example, there are skyrocketing energy and electricity costs that are putting many people under pressure. And weekly shopping is also becoming more expensive from week to week. At least for now, there is no end in sight.

These are the 7 biggest fears of Germans in 2023

As if all of this wasn’t scary enough, there is still the corona virus. Although the official regulations are dropped, the situation in the hospitals shows that the medical danger has by no means been averted.

All these factors are also reflected in the research results of the R+V insurance contrary. For 31 years, the experts have been raising the greatest fears of Germans. For this purpose, more than 2,400 people of all ages are interviewed in a representative study.

We present the results of this study – i.e. the things that cause Germans the most concern – in the weekly ranking.

7th place: Authoritarian rulers worldwide increasingly powerful

A look at Ukraine shows how real and close the seventh fear of Germans is. Anyway 47 percent of those surveyed express concern that authoritarian rulers are becoming increasingly powerful around the world.

7th place: Authoritarian rulers worldwide increasingly powerful. (Photo: / Romario99)


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