7 Netflix pro tips that really improve your experience

Netflix is ​​the largest streaming service for movies and series worldwide, but there are many ways you can get even more out of Netflix: watch together with friends, read reviews, test new features, and more. Here are our seven pro tips for Netflix.

1. Netflix Party

Do you want to watch a series or movie with a friend, but moving yourself is not an option? Then use Netflix Party, which is an extension for Google Chrome. If you use the web version on your desktop, you can watch in sync with a friend, and there’s even a chat function that lets you send messages to each other right away. Netflix Party also works with Disney Plus.

2. Turn off autoplay

You have pros and cons of this feature. If you regularly binge watch series, it is very handy that the next episode starts automatically, but if you watch one episode every day, for example, it is annoying that the next one immediately connects. Autoplay is on by default, but luckily you can adjust your preference in the Netflix settings. You can do that by following the steps below.

  1. Open the menu button on the Netflix app or website and choose Account
  2. Scroll down and press the profile where you want to change the setting.
  3. Tap on Playback settings
  4. Uncheck the following option: Automatically play the next episode of a series on all devices.
  5. Choose Save
7 Netflix pro tips that really improve your experience

3. Enhancer for Netflix

The offer in Netflix can sometimes be overwhelming and that makes it difficult to choose what to watch. You can normally only deduce whether you will really like something based on the trailer and the percentage that shows to what extent the content matches with what you have seen before. But let’s face it, is that really a good indicator?

Better to install Enhancer for Netflix: another Chrome extension for your PC. You then get more information about each fillm or series, including the scores from popular review sites such as IMDB. Enhancer makes the Netflix interface a lot better and you should really try it.

4. Test Participation

Do you know why at Androidworld we often write about the latest features for apps that already work on our phones? That’s because we sign up for the beta versions of all known apps. Usually you can do that from the Google Play Store, but with Netflix the option is hidden in the settings. That way you can become a tester.

  1. Open the menu button on the Netflix app or website and choose Account
  2. Choose Test Participation
  3. Set the switch to AT
7 Netflix pro tips that really improve your experience

5. New this week

The best way to find out which movies or series are new on the streaming service is with New This Week. This Dutch site shows the offer on Netflix, but also on Amazon Prime, Spotify, Kobo and many more services. Every time you click on a movie or series, you discover a trailer, extra information and reviews. In addition, you can read news articles about your favorite shows.

7 Netflix pro tips that really improve your experience

6. Netflix ‘Play Something’

This feature is only available to a limited group of people in Netflix, so it’s not surprising if you don’t see the feature appear yet. With the ‘Play something’ or ‘Play something’ button you can play any movie or series. It’s like a roulette, and you may like or dislike the result, but the advantage is that you will most likely discover new things. The button can be seen on the Netflix homepage if you are already one of the lucky ones. You can find more information about the feature in this article.

7 Netflix pro tips that really improve your experience

7. Request movies and series

Can’t seem to find what you’re looking for on Netflix? Few people know that in that case you can simply indicate what you are missing. Of course you don’t have to expect that such a show can be found in the app the next day, but it certainly has an impact. If Netflix receives a lot of requests for a specific series in a few weeks, then a bell will ring in the company’s headquarters. Anyone submitting such a request can submit up to three titles at a time. You can do that via the link below.

7 Netflix pro tips that really improve your experience

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