7 indecent Pokémon that should almost be banned

Some Pokémon seem almost like they are from another, more adult game. The most notorious monsters of the series gather in our photo gallery.

Pokémon can not just sweet like sugar be. Some designs and Pokédex entries, on the other hand, are so disreputable that they hardly fit into the child-friendly Pokémon universe. From overreaching monsters to lascivious designs, you will find the full range in this series of pictures 18+ Pokémon, who seem to have gotten lost in the game.

The poison / fire Pokémon Amfira builds a regular harem of male Molunk, i.e. the previous stage of development. It does this with its pheromones to his personal servants.

But the females do not treat their admirers well. For example, in the Ultra Moon Pokédex it says: “Fire shoots out of his palms. It gives Molunk, who have not brought back any prey, resounding slaps in the face. “ – Ouch.

The poison Pokémon Sleima, from the first generation, is not a pocket monster that you want to meet. After all, the slime monster is stuck so full of germs that plants will never grow again wherever it passes.

On top of that, Sleima is also a tensioner. In the original Japanese trading card from the monster, apparently it looks under the skirt of a school girl. For the west, the monster’s gaze was subsequently directed elsewhere.

At first glance, Flegmon doesn’t seem like a super sexually charged Pokémon. But his Pokédex entry in the silver edition reads a little too ambiguously for our taste: Sweet juice is on his tail. Although it is not nutritious, it is fun to chew on. – We don’t even want to know what kind of juice this is supposed to be.

Probably the scariest Pokémon on this list is Calamanero. The nasty squid monster has the strongest hypnotic powers of all Pokémon. With these it forces others to do whatever it wants. Let’s hope its long tentacles won’t be used.

Schlurp has a bad reputation just for his huge tongue – but this one scene in the anime shoots the bird completely. When Jesse licks it off, the antagonist falls to the ground in front of her monster. It just looks wrong. How did the creators not notice it themselves?

That questionable Pokédex entry just sounds ambiguous in English – nevertheless we didn’t want to withhold it from you. In Pokémon Sapphire it translates from English: “Apparently the head is not the only part of the body that Dodri has three times.”

This unclear formulation suggests something indecent – but in German it is described in more detail. Dodri just as easily has three hearts and three lungs – just saved again.

Schlapor is actually one of the coolest normal Pokémon. But the designers here were clearly inspired by the female body – maybe a little too much.

The humanoid anatomy and the slightly lascivious pose aren’t even the worst thing about the Playboy Bunny – in its mega form It also gets torn leggings. So it’s no wonder that the bunny is particularly popular in certain areas of the internet.

Playboy bunnies, love slaves and tensioners – some Pokémon seem almost illegal for the actually so colorful and youth-free game series. Which slippery Pokémon secret surprised you the most? Write us in the comments on Facebook!

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