6 hours of downtime and 70 million new users. Who is it about?

The outage of services such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp lasted a really long time. In fact, we couldn’t use the world’s most popular social networks for about 6 hours, which was enough time for several million people to start looking for an alternative. But the result is unbelievable.

The telegram has over 70 million new users

During the time when Facebook did not work, people began to download the Telegram and its founder en masse, Pavel Durov states: “The telegram grows every day, but on this day the daily pace exceeded the norm. In one day we managed to welcome more than 70 million new users of other platforms “ and added that some users in the US may have met with lower speed and response, as several million users logged in at once.

Signal - application for private messaging

Signal – application for private messaging

At the beginning of 2020, the Telegram app on Google Play had over 500 million downloads, but it recently exceeded one billion and now another 70 million users. From a giant Facebook outage Signal also benefited, which registered several million new users. The question is how many of these users will continue to use Telegram or Signal and how many of them will return to Messenger or WhatsApp.

Do you use Telegram or Signal?

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