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5 tips to take perfect photos of the Christmas dinner with your iPhone

The holidays look slightly different than normal this year. Still, you probably just go for a nice meal. But how do you take beautiful photos of the Christmas dinner with your iPhone? We show it.

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This way you can take beautiful photos of the Christmas dinner with your iPhone

The company may be slightly smaller in Corona time, but fortunately you can still take festive photos of the Christmas dinner. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips to take the best pictures of your meal.

1. Pay attention to the lighting

Atmospheric lighting at Christmas, such as lights in the tree or candles, is of course very cozy. However, all those weak light sources are not that useful for food photography. A photo then quickly becomes dark or yellowish. It is therefore advisable to turn on an extra lamp before taking a snapshot. Do not use the flash of your iPhone, because you will lose the atmosphere and tasteful appearance of your food. Do you have an iPhone 11 or newer? Then the Night mode can provide better photos.

2. Present your food beautifully

If you want to take good pictures of the Christmas dinner with your iPhone, it is important to present the food beautifully. So do not fill your entire plate, but keep it clear. That looks more attractive than a chaotic mountain of food.

3. Provide good post-processing

Taking a photo is only the first step. For the best result, edit your masterpiece. You can do that in the Photos app. After you have selected a photo, tap the icon with the three sliders at the bottom of the screen. You can then easily set filters and, for example, adjust the exposure and color values.

4. Zoom in too

An overview photo of your entire plate is nice, but also try to take a close-up. Grab a part of your plate or ‘zoom in’ on the piece of meat or that juicy stewed pear. Just do that physically. If you use the telecamera of your iPhone, you often get blurry and ugly images.

christmas dinner iphone photos

5. Use the Foodie app

In the App Store you will find several apps that can help you take good photos of the Christmas dinner with your iPhone. The Foodie app is recommended because it is especially suitable for food photography. Foodie has a number of filters for different foods, such as meat and ice. You can still adjust the strength of these filters yourself.

Foodie - Camera for life

Foodie – Camera for life


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