5 tips: this is how you get enough vitamins

Have snack vegetables as a snack

A bag of chips from time to time is of course very tasty (so keep doing it if it makes you happy), but also try taking snack vegetables as a snack. Cucumber, tomato, bell pepper: often simply available in handy mini packaging, so not only healthy, but also practical. This way you can enjoy some vitamins A, C and B right away.

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Pimp your yogurt

And not with sugared breakfast cereals, but with a handful of (unsalted) nuts. This gives you extra vitamin E.

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Friday? Fishing day

Or Monday, Wednesday or Sunday – whichever suits you, if you only eat (oily) fish at least once a week. This is good for the healthy fish fatty acids and vitamin D.

Go outside

Always tasty, get some fresh air. And also very healthy, because you make vitamin D with it. Do you want to make the outing extra fun for your child? Then view this list with fun outdoor games.

Take a vegetable juice daily

Ideal for children who refuse to eat vegetables (and to easily get your daily amount of vegetables and fruit). The juices from Sap.je contain no less than 400 grams of vegetables in one bottle. And very nice: with the code ‘KEK10’ you get a 10 percent discount on your purchase. Order them now!

Source: vitamin-info.nl

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