5 tips for taking pictures of a football match

You’re comfortable in you [vul hier een voetbalclub in]shirt in the stadium and you feel good. Maybe your club will even score. Now you have to enjoy it, but what if you also want to take a good photo to remember that great match? With these 5 tips you can take good photos of a football match.

Zooming is allowed

We often don’t like zooming very much and you certainly shouldn’t take it too far (it’s also difficult to follow the action), but if you’re in a football stadium, you sometimes have to make sure that you tap the zoom button. That way (depending on your place) you can really capture a player’s facial expressions. Keep in mind that the further you zoom, the worse the quality of the photo becomes, so try to limit it as much as possible.

Find the ball

There are a lot of good football pictures without a ball on them, but to complete the whole story (yes, that was a pun) you really have to look for the ball. Make sure you have it in the photo, because then it is immediately clear what it is about. In addition, the heads of players are usually aimed at the ball, which makes for a nice photo anyway. Of course there must also be a player in the picture, because sport is not only about the ball, but also about the people.

Choose your seats wisely

If you want to consciously take photos in the stadium, it is best to think about where you can best sit when buying your tickets. So choose your seats wisely. Many football fans are very pleased with the seats at the back line (near the corner flag). That way you have a good idea of ​​when a team is attacking and you also have a good angle to get a lot in the picture. And you know where players go when they have scored: that is usually the corner anyway.

5 tips for taking pictures of a football match

Use burst

If for some reason you are quite close to the action, you could choose to use the burst mode of your device. In addition, snapshots are taken very quickly and you can even make a gif of the action, but the mode is mainly intended to help you find that one ultimate snapshot. Especially when the action is very fast, burst ensures that you still take good photos, without them being completely shaken.

Leave wide-angle alone

The wide-angle lens can give a nice overview of the field, but often you get a lot of chairs on it, or a very large part of grass instead of the players and the action. Although we often say that the wide-angle lens is your best friend, that doesn’t apply when you’re in a football stadium. The chance that you mainly put (distorted) back heads of fellow fans on the sensitive plate is high: very high.

5 tips for taking pictures of a football match

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