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5 tips for interesting goods from China # 287: Blitzwolf BW-GH2 gaming headphones

We have Christmas Day here in a few hours. After a series of tips on goods that can be purchased as a gift under the tree, we will again switch to the “classic” mode. That is, one that is not limited by the speed of delivery and the presence of goods in European warehouses. If you received some money from Jesus and now you don’t know what to do with it, maybe you will be interested in one of the following products. Or a phone in action. The main tip today is the BlitzWolf BW-GH2 gaming headphones, but there will also be a charger or a cover for one very popular phone.

Gaming headphones BlitzWolf BW-GH2

Very interesting model in terms of design and parameters, which will offer 7.1 surround sound from 52mm converters, comfortable wearing and also effective RGB lighting. The frequency range is 20 Hz – 20 KHz, so it will also serve for quality music listening. The headphones have control on the cable and are connected to a PC via USB.

Price: 750 CZK

65W GaN Baseus charger

If you are looking for an alternative charger that does not cost much money, it has a trustworthy brand and most importantly it is quite powerful, take a look at this from Baseus. The very simple body hides a 65W power supply with the GaN standard. USB-A and USB-C connectors are present.

Price: 613 CZK

Game controller for the GameSir F4 Falcon mobile phone

Very nice and ergonomically ingenious game controller, which will take care of especially the shooters easier interaction with many buttons. It can be folded very easily and is therefore practical to carry in your pocket.

Price: 430 CZK

XYCING rear parking camera

Are you a driver whose parking camera in the back of the car would make life easier? Or do you have one in your family? Take a look at this option from XYCING, for example. A simple analog camera can hold 170 ° shot and comes with a six-meter cable. The image resolution is 960 × 480 pixels and IP68 protection is not missing.

Price: 275 CZK

Cover for Xiaomi POCO X3 from KEYSION

Plastic case for one of the most successful mobile phones this year, the POCO X3. He has interesting design, tilting strap / stand and also a magnet for holders.

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