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5 tips for interesting goods from China # 284: Pre-Christmas inspiration 2020 # 4

December is really here and the search for Christmas presents is already in full swing for many. Some are already finishing, others have a purchase date in sight. However, if you intend to enjoy something that can be ordered from Chinese stores, at this point it is quite risky to order directly from China. Therefore, we continue with tips on goods located in European warehouses. And so he has a chance to come before the bell rings. Today’s main tip is a photo backpack Neewer Pro. It is traditionally complemented by four other selected products.

Don’t forget Black Friday

November 27 is the official date of the popular Black Friday event. In stores, make sure that any current discount will either not end with this term or, conversely, will not start to apply even higher. You can save a lot of money.

Photo backpack Neewer Pro

Every more experienced photographer probably has their own favorite backpack, but maybe you could please a beginner. Or just buy it for yourself, well. For the price, it is from Spain, France and Italy.

Price: 2 290 CZK

Xiaomi Mijia WiFi repeater

This repeater or signal amplifier or repeater will help you cover the places where you normally have a problem with WiFi. The price applies to a Spanish warehouse and we are of course talking about a variant with a classic European fork.

Price: 530 CZK

Wechip W1 wireless mouse and keyboard

If you are looking for a way to effectively control a smart TV, and you don’t want to get bogged down with a regular remote control or mobile phone display, you should definitely not miss this. The Wechip W1 is a controller, mouse and keyboard in one. However, it does not have Bluetooth, but it is connected via a classic USB “pin”. However, it costs a few hundred and is in stock in the Czech Republic, so you can try it.

Price: 400 CZK

Pocket 10000mAh power bank Romoss Sense4 mini

Not everyone wants to carry a giant power bank with the largest possible capacity. Is a small and unobtrusive one that has a reasonable size and capacity enough? Take a look at this from Romoss, which width and height approximately at the level of a credit card. Order from Belgium, there is a little cheaper postage than from Spain.

Price: 360 CZK

Don’t know what to buy? We have tips for you for the best Christmas gifts up to CZK 2,000

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