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5 reasons to take or not to take out a business subscription

Are you considering purchasing a business SIM only? A package for entrepreneurs offers clear advantages over a private subscription, but there are also disadvantages. You should know this.

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Taking out business SIM only: you should pay attention to this

More flexibility, adjusting bundles to your own liking and choosing your own phone: sim only offers various advantages, also for entrepreneurs. Most providers therefore offer special packages for business users.

But is it wise to go into this, or is it better to let such deals go? Based on five points for attention, we will consider everything you need to know about whether or not to take out a business SIM only.

1. Whether or not to put in a company name?

Do you have a sole proprietorship? Then it is not mandatory to put the SIM only subscription on your company name. Instead, you can simply pass on your ‘own’ name to the provider in question. This may be nice, because that way you can choose from both business and non-business SIM only plans.

For the tax deductibility of your telephone bill, it does not matter which salutation is on the invoice; if the address and full name of the entrepreneur are correct.

With many providers it pays to put your SIM only on the case. That way you can also manage the subscriptions of your employees via one portal, for example, and you do not need a separate account for every number.

2. Term

Also important: the duration of the subscription. With sim only you have three choices: a subscription per 1, 12 or 24 months. Naturally, a two-year package is generally cheaper than the monthly cancellable alternative. On the other hand, you do sacrifice flexibility.

An advantage of many business SIM only plans is that you can adjust bundles for free, including downwards. With ‘normal’ SIM only’s for private individuals, this is by no means always possible, or you have to pay extra. In that sense, with a business package you are still quite flexible, whatever duration you choose.

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3. Check coverage

It is a shot for open purpose: but before taking out a subscription, check the coverage card of the provider in question, whether it is a prepaid, SIM only or subscription with device. It will only just happen that your office is just in that one place where the telecom provider has little or no coverage.

4. Settlement and credits

It is also wise to take a closer look at the payment method of providers. For example, one charges per second, while the other charges per minute. As a rule, billing per minute is more expensive. For example, if you are on the line for 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the provider will charge you for 5 minutes. If the payment method is per second, this is not the case, but you pay for the actual use.

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Also check in advance whether it is possible to take unused bundles with you to next month. For example, if you have six minutes left in one month, these will be added to the new bundle of the next period. Incidentally, you cannot take credit with you with the vast majority of providers, but checking can never hurt.

5. Help with problems

There are a lot of price fighters active in the sim-only landscape. Many such providers can be so cheap by cutting back on certain areas of the business, such as customer service. If you can call, text and use the internet carefree, this will not bother you, but that will change when you run into problems.

At that time, a business SIM only has a clear added value: a helpdesk. Many providers have a special customer service for business customers and with some providers you will be appointed a personal account manager. In the event of technical problems, you do not have to endlessly email general customer service, but simply contact your regular contact person directly.

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So, should you take out a business SIM only or not? The answer to that question is very personal. On the one hand, a business package offers clear advantages. You often get a personal contact person for technical problems, you can increase and / or decrease bundles at no cost and you have a better overview of the administration.

On the other hand, business SIM only plans are usually a bit more pricey than a private package. Moreover, it does not matter for the tax deductibility of the telephone costs whether you put the subscription in a personal or business capacity. Keep in mind that the service level of business SIM-only plans is often higher than that of a private package.

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