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5 reasons to choose the competitively priced Gigaset GS4 (ADV)

The Gigaset GS4 is the latest smartphone from the well-known company. The device is reasonably priced and costs 229 euros. Make no mistake, the GS4 has a lot to offer for that price. Check here for five reasons why the device is definitely worth considering.

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Gigaset is mainly known for their dect telephones for home and office use. In addition, the company also focuses on smart home equipment and is therefore at home in all markets. At the end of October, the German manufacturer Gigaset also presented two new smartphones.

The GS190 was succeeded by the Gigaset GS3, while the GS195 has to make way for the more extensive Gigaset GS4. Why that device is definitely worth considering, we have explained for you in five reasons.

1. Device is ‘Made in Germany’

Gigaset has German roots and is naturally very proud of it. The Gigaset GS4 has therefore received the ‘Made in Germany’ stamp. A team of specialists works in our own factory in Bocholt to manufacture the best possible smartphones. This includes designers and technicians who work together seamlessly.

Because everything is conceived, developed and executed in-house, the quality is of a very high level. The manufacturer supports this of course by offering a full two-year warranty, but there is more. For example, you can claim a free repair within the first three months after purchase, if the device has sustained legitimate (moisture) damage. Are you not completely satisfied with the device within 90 days? Then you can return it, after which you will even be refunded the full purchase amount!

2. Beautiful and unique design

Because everything is conceived and developed in-house, the device has a unique design. The Gigaset GS4 is available in the colors Deep Black and Pure White, both finished with copper-colored accents. The back consists of a single glass plate and a layer of tempered glass can also be found at the front.

This not only provides good protection, but also gives a luxurious feeling. To make the device even more unique, you can even have an engraving added on the back, for example with your own name, initials or the company where you work.

The physical fingerprint scanner can be found on the back, just like the three cameras. They do not protrude, as is the case with almost every other smartphone. The display is 6.3 inches in size, contains a high resolution and a small water drop notch. The edges around the screen are narrow, so you can optimally enjoy the large screen.

3. Large battery and even wireless charging

The battery of the GS4 has a capacity of 4300 mAh. Thanks to the powerful, but energy-efficient hardware, you never have to worry about charging, because the device can easily last a full day. Charging is of course easy and fast via the USB-C port on the bottom of the device.

However, that is not the only way, because you can also charge this smartphone wirelessly. This is done with a maximum of 15 Watt, so that the GS4 is also easily supplied with new energy in this way. If you ever want to replace the battery, this is also possible by the user himself. All in all, you really have nothing to complain about the GS4 and the battery.

Gigaset GS4

4. You choose the type of security

A smartphone often contains all kinds of sensitive information. If the photos are not taken, it is the content of a chat app or an e-mail. Security is therefore very important to this German manufacturer. On the back of the GS4 you will find a fast physical fingerprint scanner. This ensures that only you can fully release the device.

A fingerprint is one of the most secure ways to secure your smartphone. With the GS4, however, you can also choose to use face recognition, which also works fine and fast. This of course works via the front camera, which has a resolution of 13 megapixels. If you don’t use it to unlock, you will shoot a perfect selfie.

Gigaset GS4

5. Packed with exciting features

Finally, you have nothing to complain about the performance, because the device is fully equipped. For example, the Gigaset GS4 has an excellent processor, ample work and storage memory and the device runs on Android 10, to which Gigaset has hardly made any adjustments.

In addition, you can store two SIM cards in the smartphone and a memory card. There is also a notification LED on the front. This way you immediately see that you have a missed call, e-mail or notification. Wireless payment with the device is also no problem, thanks to the built-in nfc chip.

Don’t forget the Gigaset GS3

The GS3 is priced a bit more friendly and has a suggested retail price of 179 euros. The screen is a fraction smaller, namely 6.1 inches. That device can also be charged wirelessly and there is a battery of 4000mAh. Two cameras can be found on the back and that device also runs on Android 10.

The cameras do not protrude, but the device also scores high in other areas. For example, the back can be adjusted by the end user himself. You can purchase individual covers for only 3.99 euros each. This way you create a unique smartphone or adjust its appearance to the clothing you wear, for example.

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