5 ingenious IKEA gadgets for the smart home and on the go

Ikea has been expanding its smart home division for years and now has many interesting gadgets on offer. Regardless of whether you are just starting out with the Smart Home topic or already have some “intelligent” devices in your home, the furniture store icon from Sweden offers many clever solutions that will make your everyday life more pleasant.

Smart home is now an integral part of many households. With the smart lightbulbs from Philips, known as Hue, the topic received greater attention for the first time. With the Echo speakers from Amazon and voice control by Alexa, Smart Home had finally arrived in the mainstream. When they hear the name IKEA, most people think of cozy sofas and “Schöttis with Pü”. The Swedes also have a large range of technology gadgets for at home and on the go, which convince with a good price-performance ratio and attractive design.

Technology that fits into the interior is currently very much in vogue and the SYMFONISK table lamp, which you can see here in the picture, is a prime example of this. The loudspeaker was integrated into the lamp base so that it is not noticeable at all. Even if the optics may not suit everyone’s taste, the technology and the sound are more than solid, as our test shows. No wonder, because IKEA worked together with the audio specialists from Sonos on the SYMFONISK series.

The SYMFONISK product range offers not only the floor lamp with integrated loudspeaker, but also a smart standalone loudspeaker. Here, too, technology from Sonos is used, which ensures an above-average sound. The WiFi loudspeaker can be connected to Amazon’s Alexa, which means that it can be operated via an app. The SYMFONISK loudspeaker can be attached to shelves or a heater using suitable wall hooks.

The ENEBY Bluetooth speaker from IKEA looks funny. The cork stand is not only practical, but also stands out in color from the matt, black housing. By pulling out the stand, the ENEBY loudspeaker can also be attached to the backpack or key ring.

TRÄDFRI is the name of the smart lightbulbs from IKEA. You can use the app to dynamically regulate between light / dark and warm / cold light. The starter set consisting of the gateway, remote control and two smart light bulbs is available for 49.99 euros. You can connect and control up to 10 light bulbs with a gateway. Practical: The Trädfri light bulbs can be coupled with the Philips Hue system.

Image: IKEA

One of my favorite things to do is sleep. Unfortunately, one of my “dear little ones” always comes into the bedroom way too early in the morning and enthusiastically pulls open the curtains. With a FYRTUR blackout blind, you can easily bring the light back into the dark using the app or remote control. The connection with Apple’s Homekit works without any problems. With it you can also set times at which the blinds automatically move up and down.

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