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Even long-time iPhone users are far from familiar with all the functions of their smartphones. It’s no different for us either. Therefore, we want to introduce you to five (unknown) iPhone tricks that will make your life easier. did you know them all

Apple has more than 238 million new iPhones in the world Fiscal year 2022 can sell around the world. This makes Apple one of the largest and most lucrative smartphone manufacturers in the world, despite all the allegations about a lack of innovation.

And the user share is also impressive in Germany. That was the penetration in December 2022 according to stats at over 32 percent. If you consider that the Android operating system is distributed among numerous players (Samsung, Huawei and Co.), Apple’s dominant market position is also revealed here.

5 handy iPhone tricks you might not know yet

What is particularly valuable is that the vast majority of iPhone users remain loyal to Apple. Switching to another smartphone provider is more of an exception.

But despite this high level of loyalty and close customer loyalty, there are always functions that even long-time Apple users do not know – although some of them are very obvious.

That’s why we want to introduce you to a total of five practical iPhone tricks that you may not have known before, but that will make your life a lot easier.

1. Charge iPhone faster

Your iPhone only has a few percent battery left and you only have little time to charge? No problem! With the first of our iPhone tricks, you can significantly improve the loading quality of your processes.

The only thing you have to do is turn on airplane mode when loading. This eliminates all the draining updates and network searches in the background, so your battery fills up faster.

2. Show calendar weeks

Anyone who has arrived in working life needs to know which calendar week you are currently in. Whether this is only the case in Germany or also in other countries is irrelevant. One thing is certain: You should know whether you can attend an appointment in week 10 or not.

In the future, your iPhone can help you with that. You can go to theIdeas” in the area “calendar” the “calendar weeks“ activate. You can see them immediately on your iPhone calendar and you are always well prepared.

3. Ask Siri for passwords

In order to have the best possible protection against cyber attacks and to keep your own level of data protection as high as possible, you should use different passwords on each platform that also meet the usual criteria.

Then, if you ever forget one of your passwords — which has happened to all of us — you can just ask Siri. All you have to do is confirm your identity beforehand and you will receive an answer to questions such as: “What is my password for Facebook?”

4. Change the brightness of the flashlight

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Your iPhone’s flashlight is by no means limited to brightness. Instead, you can simply choose between four different brightness levels in a menu. This is the fourth of our iPhone tricks.

To vary the brightness, all you have to do is press and hold the flashlight icon in the menu. You then simply select the level that you need in your current situation.

5. Set audio timer via alarm clock app

The last of the iPhone tricks that we want to share with you today is a music timer. This is hidden in the clock or alarm clock app on your iPhone.

Specifically, you select the area “timer” and then click “timer end” at. At the very bottom of the menu you will find the option “stop playback‘ – select her. Then you set the time span and start the timer.

In this way, you can end both your music and multi-part radio plays or podcasts at a specified time. This is especially useful for those people who like to fall asleep to audio recordings.

Do you know any other iPhone tricks that we need to add to our list? Then just leave us a comment.

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