5 expectations for the new iPhone display

Always on, OLED again and a slightly smaller notch. These are our expectations for the screen of the iPhone 13. Are you reading along?

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This is what we know about the iPhone 13 . screen

September is getting closer and so the looking ahead has begun. This time we share our expectations for the screen of the iPhone 13. If all the rumors come true, it will be a small, but surprising year for the iPhone screen.

1. Four iPhones, three sizes

The iPhone 13 is rumored to be coming in quadruplicate. This claim is not very strange, because the iPhone 12 also has four ‘flavors’. It appears that Apple will continue this tradition in 2021 and will therefore stick to three screen sizes:

The smallest iPhone of 2021 will therefore be the iPhone 13 mini, while the 13 Pro Max is the most oversized. According to rumors, Apple will stop releasing compact, powerful devices after this year. If you are looking for such a phone, then the iPhone 13 mini may be your last chance for the time being.

2. Screen is always on

We’ve written about it before, but it seems to be happening now. According to the usually well-informed Apple journalist Mark Gurman the iPhone 13 will have an always-on screen. The revealing name immediately indicates the biggest plus: such a display is always on (in a minimal way).

Apple would use the same technology for this as the Apple Watch, which has a display that is always on since the Watch Series 5. To save power, the screen switches to power saving mode when idle. It then refreshes itself every minute. That way you can, for example, continue to see what time it is, what the weather forecast is and other widgets.

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3. Smooth OLED screen

Just like last year, all new iPhones will probably have an OLED screen. Such a screen excels at showing contrasts, because black is really black.

To differentiate the Pro models, Apple would give these iPhones a unique advantage: a ‘smooth’ screen. Here too we have iPhoned written about it before. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are rumored to have a 120Hz refresh rate display.

Basically, such a screen refreshes 120 times per second, twice as much as the usual 60 times. This makes animations look much smoother and smoother. It seems that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini ‘stuck’ at a refresh rate of 60Hz.

4. Slightly smaller notch

Since the iPhone X from 2017, the notch at the top of the screen has looked the same every year. That would finally change (a little) in 2021.

Thanks to leaked dummy models, we think that the iPhone 13 will have a slightly narrower notch. According to the usually reliable MacRumors this is due to the microphone being moved upwards. As a result, the notch cuts into the screen a little less deeply, although it is not much different from the iPhone 12 series.

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5. Touch ID below the screen

We close our expectations for the iPhone 13 screen with a very speculative rumor. In the corridors we hear that the new iPhones from 2021 will have Touch ID under the screen. This allows you to unlock the phone by placing your finger on the screen. Then the Touch ID scanner recognizes your fingerprint and the iPhone is unlocked.

We’ve been hearing this rumor for years when it comes to new iPhones, so we don’t dare to bet money on it anymore. It seems plausible to us that you ‘just’ unlock the iPhone 13 with Face ID, or facial recognition.

Rumors about the iPhone 13

We don’t have to wait long for the iPhone 13. Everything points to the new iPhones being unveiled again in September. In the video below we go through the most important rumors with you. If you don’t want to miss any news, you can subscribe to our newsletter or download the free iPhoned app.

iPhone 13 rumours: this is what we expect from the new iPhones!

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