4ka Android Code: These are the best Slovak games of 2021

As every year, the year 2020 belongs to two large surveys on our website. The first is NAY Android Roka 2021where you vote for the best equipment for the past year. It will be launched shortly. The second is a survey 4ka Android Code 2021. Within it, we traditionally nominate the best Slovak Android applications and you decide on the order in individual categories. Today we will introduce the category The best Slovak games.

Last year’s winner in this category was the game Train Station 2: Strategy of the Railway Tycoon, which therefore cannot participate in this year’s vote.

Shopping Run

A simple game in which you have to fill your shopping cart with as many fruits and diamonds as possible. There will be only various obstacles in your way, from crates to abandoned forklifts. You can then exchange the collected diamonds for new characters.

Athletics Mania: Athletic summer sports game

Experience what it’s like to be a professional athlete. Train your character, compete in various athletic disciplines and win world tournaments. Disciplines such as running, jumping, litter, pentathlon, heptathlon or decathlon are waiting for you. You can compete solo or start and run an athletic club with friends.

Cargo ship stacking – Fun container physics arcade

Become a ship loader. Fight physics and successfully sail all types of cargo ships. Your task will be to drop the containers on the ship so that they stay there throughout the voyage. Over time, the game will not bore even professional players; in addition to warm-up levels, there are also a number of more challenging ones available.

Diggy’s Adventure: Maze Games

Join Diggy, Professor, Linde and Rusty on their adventurous journey. Explore a world full of puzzles and labyrinths to help you reach hidden treasures and uncover the secrets of ancient civilizations.

Slovakia Quiz

A quiz with which you will learn something new about Slovakia. He tests his knowledge in four categories – geography, nature, history and culture. In addition, each question is supplemented with some interest. In this way, you will broaden your horizons not only with general information, but also with a short story.

VIP Trip Trivia

VIP Trip Trivia will teach you new attractions in an unconventional way. This is not a classic quiz game. Your knowledge on topics from superheroes to sweets is tested by various mini-games, and with the right answers you fight your way to 28 bonuses and 9 different worlds. For those who doubt their knowledge, there is an opportunity to learn something new at the simulated Hipstersaur Rex University.

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