40 GB + Xiaomi 13 Pro for just under 18 euros [Ad]

If you are looking for a new mobile phone tariff with a smartphone, you can currently strike at o2. You can currently use the 20 + 20 GB promotion 40 GB data volume and the Xiaomi 13 Pro at an effective price of only 17.78 euros per month. We introduce you to the tariff cracker.

In the mobile phone bundle from o2 you get the Xiaomi 13 Pro with 256 GB for a one-time down payment (incl. shipping costs) of 45.98 euros. At Idealo, the smartphone currently costs 1,299 euros! In addition, there is the mobile phone tariff Free M Boost, which currently gives you 40 GB of high-speed data volume thanks to the 20 + 20 GB campaign. o2 gives you twice the data volume.

If you extrapolate the whole thing to 24 months, this results in (including the Idealo price). Effective price of only 17.78 euros per month for the Xiaomi 13 Pro and the mobile phone tariff from o2!

To the smartphone blast from o2

02 Free M Bost of 20 + 20 GB + Xiaomi 13 Pro

You currently get the o2 Free M tariff with 20 + 20 GB high-speed data volume, so you benefit from a total of 40 GB data volume. There is also an all-network flat rate and 4G LTE/5G. The contract period is 24 months and the connection price for this offer is a one-time fee of 39.99 euros. The cost of the mobile phone tariff with a smartphone is EUR 69.99 per month.

You get this for that Xiaomi 13 Pro, which according to Idealo currently costs 1,299 euros. The smartphone impresses with its minimalist design and a 50 MP triple camera, for which the manufacturer relies on a cooperation with Leica. You can take high-quality photos directly with your smartphone.

They come into their own on the 6.73-inch E6 AMOLED display. Movies and series also look more intense than ever before on the razor-sharp WQHD+ display. Thanks to the intelligent, 4800 mAh battery, the entertainment never ends. With the included charger, you can be back in the game with a full battery in just 19 minutes.

If you currently have an old smartphone, you can sell it directly to O2 and save additional money. You can get a non-binding offer from the 02 partner and get up to 800 euros for your old smartphone.

Secure the 02 tariff with 20 +20 GB and Xiaomi 13 Pro for 17.78 euros now

Since March 8th, 2023 and only for a short time you can get this Secure tariff hits at o2 and effectively only pay 17.78 euros per month for the 20 + 20 GB mobile phone tariff and the Xiamo 13 Pro. Being quick is worth it!

To the smartphone blast from o2

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