4 handy gadgets of tomorrow that you can order now (week 25)

The greatest technological innovations do not come from ‘big tech’ companies, but from smaller start-ups chasing their dreams. Thanks to crowdfunding sites, you will be the first to get your hands on the best new products. We found four cool gadgets for you: from a smart keyless chain lock to a modular wireless charging system.

4 coolest gadgets

Not everyone is already familiar with the principle of crowdfunding, and that is also normal. It’s still a relatively new concept, but one that can help creative people make a difference. You first support a great idea for a product and then you can follow the progress until the package arrives at your door. These are the four coolest gadgets on crowdfunding websites.

1. Uahpet iRetriever – Safe Dog Ball Launcher

For who is it?

For dog lovers and their owners looking for a safe and automated ball launcher

What is it?

The iRetriever is the world’s safest dog ball launcher designed to make playing with your dog more interactive and convenient. The device is equipped with advanced sensors and a safety mechanism to ensure that the ball is only fired when your dog is at a safe distance. With different throw distances and an adjustable speed, the iRetriever provides both fun and exercise for your furry friend, while you relax and watch. It’s a great gadget for busy dog ​​owners who like to entertain and pamper their pets.

  • Uahpet iRetriever Indiegogo 175 euros excluding shipping August 2023

2. LINKA LASSO – smart keyless chain lock

For who is it?

For people looking for a convenient and safe way to lock their (motor) bicycle, canoe, gate and more

What is it?

The LINKA LASSO is a smart lock that offers cyclists, among others, a simple and safe way to lock their bicycle. It consists of a strong steel cable that can be released at the push of a button. With the accompanying smartphone app, users can control the LINKA LASSO wirelessly and lock and unlock their bike. The gadget also offers additional security features such as a built-in motion sensor and an alarm that sounds if unauthorized movement is detected. You can even give others access to the lock via the app. The LINKA LASSO is designed to prevent theft and give users peace of mind when parking their valuables.

  • LINKA LASSO Kickstarter 146 euros incl. shipping August 2023

3. Parrot Pro – Teleprompter for smartphones

For who is it?

For content creators who need a smartphone teleprompter on the go

What is it?

The Parrot Pro works with an app and is called ‘The Ultimate On-The-Go Smartphone Teleprompter’ by the maker. It is a portable teleprompter specially designed for people who want to vlog on the go using their smartphone. The teleprompter contains an adjustable screen that displays the text and can be adjusted to the desired reading speed. The device is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry and attach to a smartphone. With this gadget, content creators, vloggers and other professionals can effortlessly read their script while recording videos or giving presentations, without having to learn from their text or read from a piece of paper.

  • Parrot ProIndiegogo 143 euros incl. shipping July 2023

4. Matrix – modular wireless charging system

For who is it?

For people looking for a modular wireless charging system

What is it?

Matrix is ​​a modular wireless charging system that is compatible with various devices, such as smartphones, smartwatches and wireless earbuds. It consists of a base station with several charging modules that can be magnetically attached to each other. Each charging module provides a wireless charging surface for a specific device. You can customize and combine the charging modules as needed to create a personalized charging station. This allows you to wirelessly charge multiple devices at the same time with one system.

  • Matrix Complete Collection Indiegogo 189 euros incl. shipping straight away

Think of this with crowdfunding

Keep in mind that crowdfunding is always primarily supporting an idea, with no real guarantee that the actual product will meet your expectations. So choose the projects and start-ups that you really believe in and follow the regular development and shipping updates that the start-ups communicate. Supporting projects through crowdfunding is therefore not the same as shopping.

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