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4 handy gadgets of tomorrow that you can order now (week 10)

The greatest technological innovations do not come from ‘big tech’ companies, but from smaller start-ups chasing their dreams. Thanks to crowdfunding sites, you will be the first to get your hands on the best new products. We select four cool gadgets: from a camera tripod that can level itself to smart bicycle lights.

4 coolest gadgets

Not everyone is already familiar with the principle of crowdfunding, and that is also normal. It’s still a relatively new concept, but one that can help creative people make a difference. You first support a great idea for a product, and then you can follow the progress until the package arrives at your door. These are the four coolest gadgets on crowdfunding websites.

1. Benro Theta – smart camera tripod

For who is it?

For the photographer who travels a lot

What is it?

Benro launched the Theta on Kickstarter. The compact camera tripod offers the same stability as a standard tripod, but comes with many extras to help photographers get the perfect shot quickly and easily. For example, the tripod can level itself thanks to a battery, a built-in electric motor and a gyroscope.

The Theta can also be operated via an app via your smartphone. You can also use the Live View function via that app. There is also a WiFi and Bluetooth connection with which you can set settings such as ISO, aperture and shutter speed values.

  • Benro Theta: the Intelligent Modular Travel Tripod – Kickstarter – 323 euros incl. shipping expected in June 2023

2. Litl Lochett – strong magnetic hanging system

For who is it?

For those who want to hang things

What is it?

Lochett is a magnetic hanging system that is very strong but also practical. There is now also a Litl Lochett, which is a smaller version of the Lochett. The Lochett can handle anything up to 4 kilos and weighs only 71 grams. The Litl Lochett can handle products weighing 2 kilos and weighs only 25 grams. Both products are adjustable in size

What can you use the Litl Lochett for? For hanging pots and pans around the kitchen or barbecue. For attaching brushes and rollers. To hang your keys, your water bottle, your backpack or your phone. Keep it up.

  • Litl Lochett – Kickstarter – 19.93 euros incl. shipping expected in August 2023

3. Lumos Firefly – smart bike lights

For who is it?

For those who want extra safety on the road at night

What is it?

With the Lumos Firefly you can upgrade your bike ride with real turn signals and brake lights. When the brake lights are activated, all rear lights work in sync with the brake lights, making the warning even clearer to other road users.

You can synchronize the lighting with other Lumos products such as a helmet. The lamps then light up at the same time. Are you cycling in a group? Then all lights on the different bikes are synchronized. In addition, you can easily mount the lighting on your bike.

  • 1x Lumos Firefly – indigogo – 54 euros incl. shipping expected in July 2023

4. Moonside Neon Crystal Cube – Smart 3D Bulb

For who is it?

For those who want to become zen with dynamic light effects

What is it?

With a total of 172 individually controllable LEDs on both the front and back, the Neon Crystal Cube lights up to create some of the most beautiful gradients and patterns you’ve ever seen.

Thanks to the modular system, you can put together multiple Neon Crystal Cubes in different ways, just like playing a Tetris. You can also group the lights in the Moonside app to sync them with the same dynamic lighting effects. You can also choose from different fronts for the Cube, and even have text or photo engraved in it.

  • 2x Moonside Neon Crystal Cube – indigogo – 144 euros incl. shipping expected in April 2023

Think of this with crowdfunding

Keep in mind that crowdfunding is always primarily supporting an idea, with no real guarantee that the actual product will meet your expectations. So choose the projects and start-ups that you really believe in and follow the regular development and shipping updates that the start-ups communicate. Supporting projects through crowdfunding is therefore not the same as shopping.

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