4 functions why you want the Vision Pro

The revolutionary headset is undoubtedly one of Apple’s coolest devices ever. These are four functions why you want the Vision Pro!

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Four cool features of the Apple Vision Pro

Apple recently showed off the Apple Vision Pro. These somewhat strange-looking ski goggles should be the next step in the digital world, according to the tech giant. Admittedly, the Apple Vision Pro has some cool features that we haven’t seen before. That’s why we show you four features of Apple’s glasses that make it really special.

1. Take spatial photos

Of course you already know Spatial Audio (spatial sound) from the AirPods, which give you a kind of 3D sound. The Apple Vision Pro has the option to take Spatial photos. You can then take 3D photos and 3D videos.

The photos and videos that you take with the Apple Vision Pro in this way are therefore displayed in three dimensions. Think, for example, of the 3D films in the cinema of recent years or the 3D photos that you can take with a Nintendo 3DS. It is not yet known whether you will be able to export these photos and videos (and view them with 3D glasses and a special player, for example).

vision types

With many VR glasses you need a computer and you have two controllers to use the glasses. The Apple Vision Pro does not need any of that. You can use the glasses without an additional computer. You don’t even need controllers at all, because you do the control with hand movements.

Some VR glasses, such as Meta’s Quest, can also be used without a computer. You can also get started without controllers, but that still works pretty badly at the moment. The first experiences with the Apple Vision Pro, on the other hand, are very positive.

apple vision pro eyesight

3. Apple eyesight

This may be one of the features of the Apple Vision Pro that is of least use to you, but more so to your friends or family. The glasses have a function called ‘Eyesight’. This allows other people to see your eyes. You then see the eyes on the screen as a kind of projection, which gives the impression that the glasses are transparent.

The feature is pretty clever. Because Eyesight switches on automatically when the Vision Pro sees that someone is near you. When you wear the Vision Pro, you will also see the person standing next to you in your virtual world.

A nice feature of the Apple Vision Pro is Visual Search. This will give you more information about an object or product you are looking at. With Visual Search it is also possible to copy text from the real world to apps in the virtual world. It will also be possible to translate texts automatically.

More about the Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro will be available in America from early 2024. The luxury glasses will not be available for sale in Europe until later. It comes with a hefty price tag, as it costs $3,499. In Europe it will probably cost about 3999 euros. There is a good chance that a ‘normal’ Apple Vision will follow later. It will then have fewer functions, but it will be a lot more affordable.

Would you like to know more about the Apple Vision Pro and its functions? Then watch our video on YouTube. Then you are fully informed!

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