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4 free apps to manage your passwords on all your devices

The danger of password theft is always lurking, especially for people who use weak passwords or rarely change their passwords. With a free password manager, logging in is faster and more secure than ever. We give you four strong options.

1. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is a popular password manager that can act as your memory for credentials and other sensitive information. This app can enter all your login details for you on both desktop and mobile. In addition, through the Security Challenge you can see which passwords are weak or possibly hacked, after which you can immediately change them.

The app also includes the ability to generate difficult passwords, share login details with family or colleagues, offline access and an extensive vault in which all saved websites are organized in folders. You can secure your password vault even better with two-step verification.

You can also add a lot more to the app than just passwords. Think of; credit card information and membership information. LastPass is free to use and can be downloaded from the button below. There is also a Premium version and a LastPass Families variant. You can find an overview of prices here.

LastPass Password Mgr Premium *

LastPass is a password management app for Android and provides a storage of all used passwords. These are stored safely and can be used in …

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2. Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane keeps an overview of your various passwords and also stores them encrypted by means of AES-256 encryption. You can have them stored for you both locally and in the cloud. You can also export your data from the cloud at any time. Another feature is the ability to automatically fill in passwords and generate secure passwords. You can also easily share your passwords.

Even after you create a secure password, Dashlane continues to protect your data, as the app also ensures that your passwords are changed regularly. In addition to password management, Dashlane can also manage financial affairs, and that’s how the app makes the difference. It can act like a digital wallet to organize your credit card information and fill it in automatically on websites.

Just like LastPass, the app can also be used to keep important and sensitive information secure. Dashlane is free to download, but for more functionality it is better to purchase a paid version. Here you discover the prices.

Dashlane password manager

Dashlane password manager

The Dashlane password manager is a handy way to keep all your passwords at hand. The passwords are (optionally) stored in the cloud, but are …

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3. Password Manager SafeInCloud

With SafeInCloud Password Manager you can store data such as usernames, passwords and other personal information securely in an encrypted database. You can synchronize this data with another phone, tablet, Mac or PC or via your own cloud account such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or your NAS. There is also support for WearOS.

In addition to automatically filling in passwords, there is the possibility to generate passwords or have your security of your passwords analyzed. The app also comes with a dark theme and you can easily access your safe with passwords after authentication with your fingerprint scanner or face recognition.

In addition to login details, this app can also store information about your credit card, PIN codes and other sensitive matters for you. SafeInCloud is free to use via the button below. The app works without subscriptions, for extra options you only need to purchase the Pro version once, which is a lot cheaper compared to LastPass or Dashlane.

4 free apps to manage your passwords on all your devices

Password Manager SafeInCloud

Password Manager SafeInCloud

With SafeInCloud Password Manager you can store data such as usernames, passwords and other personal information in an encrypted database.

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4. Bitwarden – Password Management

Bitwarden is all about simplicity and transparency. As with all other services you can synchronize your passwords between your devices and you can also generate passwords. Passwords are encrypted in your vault using AES 256 encryption. An interesting thing about Bitwarden is that the app’s code has been made completely open-source. In this way the developers want to gain more trust with their users.

The app also contains a variety of themes and other personalization options, including the option to indicate favorite services that are first displayed in the app. Bitwarden is also one of the first password managers to work with Google’s new API for Android 11 to automatically fill in passwords. Autofill suggestions are neatly displayed at the top of the keyboard.

Bitwarden also lets you store other data such as identity and credit card data and notes that you can store in the secure safe. The service already has a range of options with the free version, but there are also paid plans that you can discover here.

Bitwarden - Password Management

Bitwarden – Password Management

Bitwarden has been my new password manager for a number of weeks. It toppled LastPass for having a built-in authenticator.

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