4 fitness apps with which you can do a workout at home

Getting enough exercise is not at all difficult, difficult or expensive. What you mainly need is perseverance, some time and the motivation to get fit. Check? Then get started with the fitness apps below with which you can exercise at home.

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4 fitness apps to do a workout at home

The list is by no means exhaustive: the App Store contains hundreds, if not thousands, of fitness apps. We have therefore mainly tried to highlight some fine options, whatever your ‘taste’ and budget.

1. Nike Training Club

Nike not only has a running coach, but also a fitness app. Nike Training Club is packed with exercises that you can easily do at home. The free version offers more than 185 workouts including yoga, exercises you can perform without training equipment and cardio challenges. You can then see on the screen how to perform exercises.

Don’t want to watch the screen all the time while exercising? Then turn on the voice over and beeps. This way you know exactly when your workout starts and ends, and you know what to do. The training sessions last between 5 and 60 minutes and your level (beginner, regular athlete or true athlete) is taken into account.

If you pull the wallet, you will have the opportunity to become fit (ter) based on a personal plan. Furthermore, Nike Training Club has all kinds of nice extras, including the Trained podcast. For example, fitness experts speak here. The talks include ways in which you can train smarter and eat healthier.

Nike Training Club

Nike, Inc

2. Basic-Fit and Fit For Free

Do you have a subscription to the Basic-Fit or Fit For Free? Then you’re lucky, because both gyms have workout apps for at home in the App Store. It’s simply a matter of downloading the app, signing up with your subscription details and getting started.

Both applications have extensive libraries containing all kinds of exercises. These are sorted by muscle group (such as back or stomach), or by type of training, such as cardio or interval. For all training sessions it is indicated whether you need your own sports equipment or can start immediately. A downside of both apps is that the animations, which show how you perform exercises, look somewhat wooden.


Fit For Free

Fit For Free

Fit For Free

3. Asana Rebel

Yoga and fitness: that’s Asana Rebel in a nutshell. This very complete sports app is packed challenges that challenge you to work on your physical and mental health. Asana Rebel, for example, offers you articles that explain how certain exercises work and what effect they have. The app also informs you about the importance of eating well, sleeping and meditation techniques.

Are you not waiting for this? Then you can also ‘just’ use the application as a fitness app. A clear plus of Asana Rebel is the clear, beautifully shot videos. In it, actors explain to perfection how to perform a particular exercise. Asana Rebel is a paid sports app, but you can try the service for free for ten days.

Asana Rebel: Get in Shape

Asana Rebel: Get in Shape

Asana Rebel GmbH

4. Tone It Up: Workout & Fitness

Tired of fitness exercises quickly? Then try Tone It Up. This app aimed at women continuously offers you new workouts. Developed by two fitness trainers (Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott), Tone It Up is packed with exercises that you can all perform at home. As you would expect based on the name, the app mainly focuses on certain muscle groups such as stomach, buttocks and legs.

The training catalog is very extensive and ranges from yoga exercises, weight exercises to interval training. As mentioned, Tone It Up is aimed at women and therefore all exercises are performed by trainers. Tone It Up also has special training programs for pregnant women and ladies who have recently given birth and want to pick up the thread again.

Tone It Up: Workout & Fitness

Tone It Up: Workout & Fitness

Tone It Up, LLC

Be careful when exercising at home

As good as some sports apps are, the quality of experienced instructors should not be underestimated. If you have never exercised before and, for example, do not know exactly how certain (intensive) exercises work, it may not be wise to start immediately with fitness apps.

An injury can happen and it is annoying when you learn exercises the wrong way. Always ensure a good warm-up and cool-down when you exercise at home. Does a particular movement not feel right or hurt? Then it is probably better to stop for a while.

Exercise with your iPhone

Exercise is important for everyone. An accessible sport is running. Besides a good pair of shoes and some sports clothes, you don’t really need anything to get started. However, it might be useful to build up your training and fitness using an app. In our overview of the best running apps, we list the different options for you.

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