3 rock-solid tips to make smartphones less addictive

Get that thing out of your hands. We give you 3 hard tips to make your very own smartphone less addictive.

We can do everything with our smartphones. Really everything. Maybe don’t flush the toilet yet after sitting on the toilet for 15 minutes with your smartphone in hand. But if you come up with a smart toilet with its own app, that’s also possible. You can no longer deny. You spend too much time on your smartphone and you know it very well. The question is, how do you make the smartphone less addictive without sacrificing too much on comfort?

Breaking with an addiction is always difficult. And while this may be less serious than another form of addiction, having too much of your phone in your hands can still be annoying. You are wasting your own precious time. Time to give you 3 hard tips to make the smartphone less addictive. Simple, but effective.

1. Start uninstalling apps

Run the digital broom through your smartphone. Remove apps that you feel like you spend too much time with. Think of Instagram or TikTok. Most apps can also be used via the mobile site. That is less pleasant, but it does help to combat your addiction. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are all designed to make you addicted. That doesn’t come out of the blue. So go, delete that clutter.

2. Hang your smartphone on the charger more often

This is recognizable. You watch a movie or series on Netflix and still find yourself in a kind of subconscious on your smartphone. That’s because there’s a boring scene in the series or movie. You lose your focus for a moment and immediately reach for your smartphone. If you hang the phone on the charger somewhere else, you cannot directly access it. It’s a bit of kicking in the beginning, but it really helps.

3. Mute the smartphone

In addition to point two. Place the smartphone within your own reach and set it to silent. This way you cannot be distracted by (usually) useless notifications. If you wear a smartwatch, you can still read the notifications and know whether something important is missing or not. You notice it right away. When you have to get up from the couch to pick up your phone, you think twice whether you feel like it. What a bunch of lazy dogs we are.

With these 3 hard tips you should feel a little less addictive using the smartphone. Additions? Share them in the comments!

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