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3 nice folder apps to easily find offers

Getting something at a discount is fun, but not everyone likes to read brochures. You can therefore also put your smartphone to work, so that you only see deals that are relevant to you. How? By downloading one of these three free folder apps.

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3 great folder apps to score offers

1. Advertising brochure

Advertising brochure is very extensive. In their own words, the app has “the most extensive” range of all folder apps. Now we have not counted all the brochures, but there are at least a lot of them. Moreover, you can make all these offers transparent by filtering by category or store. You can then keep track of these deals in a list.

However, advertising folder is more than a folder app. You can also add loyalty cards. That is handy, because that way you can leave your physical card at home during the checkout at, for example, the Kruidvat. Instead, you have the barcode scanned on your phone. You can also take advantage of cashback promotions every now and then thanks to Reclamefolder. This will give you money back after purchasing a product.

Advertising brochure: All Folders and Offers BV

2. basically does the same as all other folder apps: collecting folders and showing the best offers. The app therefore stands out thanks to its calm, fresh design. Browsing through folders is easy and the entire interface, so how you operate the app, is clearly arranged.

You can also make multiple shopping lists. That way you can, for example, plan your birthday and add necessities, such as drinks and snacks. then keeps track of which stores currently have your favorite beer or flavor chips on offer, for example. - Find benefits quickly – Find benefits quickly

3. All Folders

You may already feel it coming, but AlleFolders collects all folders in one overview. The app is being developed by a company in which almost all major Dutch retail chains are represented. Because AlleFolders comes ‘directly from the source’, you can, for example, order directly from the online folders: all offers can be tapped.

Plus, you can easily cut deals digitally and keep them on your bulletin board. That way you can save interesting bargains and possibly find them later. Furthermore, AlleFolders is of course equipped with all the conveniences you would expect from a folder app. Consider, for example, sorting shops by category, location and product range.

All Folders

All Folders

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