3 most frequently asked questions about the Bosch smart system

In 1886, Robert Bosch founded the “Workshop for Fine Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart (Germany). Bosch started as a company with only two employees. It has since grown into a world-leading technology company and service provider, with more than 400,000 employees.

The brand supplies parts for electric bicycles such as the mid-engines, batteries and displays. Bosch will launch the smart system in 2022. Read the 4 most frequently asked questions about the Bosch smart system in this article.

#1 What does the Bosch smart system entail?

The drive unit – also known as motor -, battery and display are the components in the Bosch drive system. There are several variants of each component, each with its own properties and performance. For example, motors are available with a low power or with a high power.

The smart system from Bosch takes you to the future of the (digital) electric bicycle. Among other things, the eBike Flow app, battery, display, operating unit and the drive unit are connected. Thanks to the system, your e-bike is extra protected against theft and you experience a higher degree of safety and stability if you have to brake suddenly.

#2 What is the difference between the ‘old’ drive system and the new smart system?

The components that belong to the smart system can be easily connected with the eBike Flow app on your smartphone. This app opens up a world of new possibilities for you. For example, you will find the e-Bike Alarm, the eBike Lock, Trip screen, Navigation and route planning, Activity tracking and Individual riding modes.

With the drive system of the previous generation it is possible to connect the app (if the product combinations are correct). However, the options for this are not as extensive as with the smart system. This is partly because the hardware for the motor, battery and display has not been developed for this.

#3 How do you know if an e-bike has the Bosch smart system?

It is difficult to see from the outside whether an electric bicycle has the new smart system. If you purchase an e-bike via, it will be listed under ‘specifications’. You can recognize the smart system by the abbreviation BES3. Are you curious about our favorite e-bikes, including BES3? We explain our 2 favorites below.

Favorite e-bikes with Bosch smart system

Gazelle Avignon C380 HMB 2023

With the Gazelle Avignon C380 HMB, careful thought has been given to the sleek design and the innovative technological components that are incorporated, such as the smart system from Bosch. The motor is the silent and powerful mid-engine of the same powerful brand. The power is 75 Nm. With an extensive standard battery of 500 Wh you can cover a distance of 50 to 110 kilometers on one full battery. Prefer a larger range? Upgrading your battery is possible up to a range of up to 140 kilometers.

Kalkhoff Endeavor 7.B Move+ 2023

Are you looking for an electric bicycle suitable for commuting? Then take a look at the Kalkhoff Endearvour 7.B Move+. Thanks to the Bosch Performance CX mid-engine, you can move quickly from A to B. This Kalkhoff also has Bosch’s new BES3 system. The standard range is between 80 and 130 kilometers, with a battery capacity of 750 Wh. Upgrading the battery is not possible with this e-bike.

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